You Can’t Do That With Digital!

Tips to Transform Your Marketing and Conquer Inbox Overload

More and more we’re being overwhelmed with digital inclusion as the focus for marketing and communication projects. Customers from financial institutions, healthcare centers, restaurants, and other industries have confided in us about reusing the same digital methods to generate new and repeat business – to the point of audience exhaustion. We want you to know that there are alternatives to help you with your digital dilemma.

At Sun Print, we recommend using premium print to help you conquer inbox overload – and put your brand in more customer hands. You can’t do that with digital!

Adding print to your digital marketing strategy is a surefire way to improve conversion rates, brand recall and the overall customer experience. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), incorporating direct mail into a marketing campaign can increase response rates by up to 43%.

In addition to your digital marketing lead gen strategies, there are a number of ways to use print – and break through the digital noise.

Use Printed Brochures As a Focal Point For Campaigns

For example, think about the last time you used a printed brochure as the focal point of your campaign. To truly add value to your marketing efforts, it’s important to choose the right paper or cardstock to define the quality of your brochure. Because what they say is true: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Think about unique ways to fold your brochure, and design accordingly. For example, too small a fold could force your content to look squished.

Just like you do with digital, always define your call-to-action so your audience knows what to do when they finish reading the document – whether it’s to visit your website, call you, or shop online.

Treat interactive print elements, like QR codes, the way you would a hyperlink for a truly immersive experience.

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Leverage Business Stationery to Reflect your Brand

When you send a letter to a customer, provide a handout at a corporate event, or give someone your business card, the quality of your corporate stationery is key. Because these printed materials reflect you and your business, it’s critical to ensure that your brand is consistently represented throughout. Well-designed, high-quality print sets the tone of your place in the business world.

Overall, these printed products are helpful tools to strengthen relationships, build your network, and showcase your brand. Word spreads quickly in the business world, so it’s important to make sure your first impression is a lasting one.

Discover more Benefits and Examples of Quality Business Stationery

Utilize Quality Binding on Booklets For Long Form Content

Whether you require printed booklets for boardroom meetings, shareholder meetings or  customer presentations, selecting the proper printing process and binding format can be crucial to the finished product. Right from the get-go, it’s essential to recognize if the finished product will be defined as a booklet (eight or more pages) or a book that’s considerably more pages. Knowing this will help you decide which binding option is required.

Saddle stitching, which is typically 3 staples “stitched” along the spine, is highly economical for eight to just under 50 pages. Wire-binding helps documents up to 350 pages lay flat, while perfect binding, uses flexible adhesive glue. It’s typically used for hard-back or paperback books as well as thicker magazines or reports.

Get all the details on Printed Booklets and Binding Formats

Use Posters for Awareness and Recognition

Another printed solution is poster design that’s often deployed in large formats as means to highlight elements of a business or brand. Placement and purpose are additional factors to consider. High traffic areas can result in thousands of eyes on your poster especially in major metropolitan areas.

Many customers choose posters based on their affordable cost which, depending on their usage, can be featured in locations for extended periods of time, resulting in longevity of message and purpose. Continuous viewing and length of viewing of your poster can only help to reinforce your brand and message.

Use Print to Cut Through the Digital Chaos

Regular marketing and communication campaigns can often become routine. The tried and true methods of relying purely on digital assets or processes can leave communicators in a production rut. By choosing print as a premium option, marketers have another communication tool to promote their idea, brand or company – and conquer inbox overload.

Learn new ways to bring your printing into the 21st century. Let the team at Sun help you create an experience that puts your brand in more customer hands.

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