Wrap Up Corporate Gift Giving with Style: How Custom Packaging Can Elevate Your Brand and Impress Your Clients

Have you seen the desk calendar with each day dedicated to just about everyone? From administrative assistants to dog walkers to your coffee barista, everyone gets a day of appreciation. But there’s one person who deserves appreciation every day — your customer.  

At Sun Print Solutions, we truly understand that the lifeblood of any business is the customer.

So why not show some appreciation right now with a token of admiration by giving custom branded boxes. 

Did you know that over 90,000 people type ‘unboxing’ into YouTube every month? Some videos get over 10 million views!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special occasion, you can show appreciation to clients, partners, your workforce or anyone who would want to receive a ‘thank you’ in a branded box or package.  

Because some of your customer’s company policies frown upon lavish or expensive corporate gifts, a personalized keepsake box may be the perfect solution. While the cost of the printed product might seem small, the value to the customer will be immense.

Every time your customer sees their personalized box on their desk, they’ll reflect on the uniquely printed message, both inside and out, and will instantly be reminded of your company, your services, and your relationship.

Plus, when you combine corporate gift giving with custom packaging you can really impress your customers and create an experience worthy of unboxing. 

Custom packaging motivates customers to unbox your brand.

If you’re a brand owner and you’re looking for ways to attract customers plus build your company’s value, consider telling your story with a custom box featuring your logo, corporate message and collateral.

While acting as a valuable keepsake, this specialty box will be a constant reminder on customers’ desks to hold pens, paperclips, or other office accessories. 

For example, one company delivered specially produced boxes to all the hotel rooms at a particular convention. Inside the box were Swiss chocolates coupled with the text about the company’s story. The result was a keepsake box so recipients would be reminded of the special value they have with the company. 

These personalized packaging in boxes or pouches can be created with a wide variety of materials and finished with an array of tactile embellishments.

Packaging that was once thought of as too dear or expensive is now readily available for your choosing.

For example, foil offers a wide variety of benefits including reflective and 3D imaging. Additionally, textiles can now be used for specific printing purposes to deliver lush textures with a unique feel.  

For example, if you’re a nutraceutical company, consider a custom printed box with a special health or beauty sample kit inside.

This type of effort reinforces your brand while encouraging customers to make new and future product purchases. 

If you’re an automotive specialist, you could thank patrons with custom box packaging that entices them with exciting new product offerings such as tires or spark plugs while inside are personalized coupons for free car washes. 

If you’re a government agency, not-for-profit association, or have a no-gift giving policy, consider a custom printed box with a personalized message of thanks along with print samples and paper swatches.

If you’re a landscaper, why not consider a custom printed box covered with flowers and trees. Inside you could include a small patch of artificial grass to remind customers about how green and lush you can make their lawns and gardens. 

Personalized packaging can be used by real estate agents with a custom box filled with printed information about the neighborhood, as well as samples from local businesses, shops and service-providers.  

Experts in home services can offer branded custom box packaging featuring all the benefits of their offerings and act as reminder about who to call for future service. Add QR codes to access coupons, lead them to review sites, refer a friend, or watch a video – all the while cementing your brand in their memory. 

Elevate Your Brand with Eco-Friendly Custom Boxes from Sun Print Solutions

Sun Print Solutions offers a wide variety of materials to make custom boxes that are environmentally friendly, very eye-catching and deliver a lot of shelf appeal.

The technology, the processes and the tools now available to printers allow for more creative and memorable custom box printing than ever before.

We could go on forever about the fantastic materials available for custom printing — but we’ll save that for another time. 

We’ve seen firsthand the joy that personalized custom box packaging brings to customers.

A thoughtful message, a memorable photo or even a small thank you token can go a long way in showing just how much your customer is appreciated.  

Remember, you don’t have to wait for a special calendar day to show appreciation to your customers.

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s an opportunity just waiting for you to thank your customer.

The Sun Print Solutions catalog features a wide variety of materials to help you unbox your brand.

Call us today and we’ll start planning for the best corporate gifting or custom packaging box created just for you – and your customers. 

If you can dream it. We can print it.

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