Why Postcards Are Great Mail Options

When it comes to your direct mail needs, the pros at Sun Print Solutions are here to help. From smaller items like greeting cards or brochures up to larger printing projects like calendars and newsletters, we can help you with digitally printing materials and directly mailing them to your desired recipients.

One of our most popular direct mail styles? The postcard, which offers both an economical and practical way to get your message across to prospective clients in simple, low-cost ways. Let’s look at a few of the qualities that make postcards such a potentially valuable part of your direct mail campaign.

postcards great mail options


The word is right there in the title: Direct mail is meant to be direct, and it doesn’t get any more so than a postcard. There’s no simpler form of direct mail, with no envelope to rip off or packaging to dispose of – one simply opens their mailbox, pulls out the postcard, and begins reading.

In the world of direct mail, this kind of simplicity is highly valuable. Marketing pros will tell you that you have just a few seconds to convince people to learn more about your business or products when they open a piece of direct mail; if they’re spending most of this time removing packaging and finding their way to the actual message, you’re losing valuable time. A postcard, on the other hand, allows you to list simple information along with a basic call to action and contact info – all in one place that’s impossible to miss.

Ease of Consumption

More than just being simple, postcards are easy for your potential clients to read and will resonate with customers. Postcards are highly visual in nature, and you have virtually limitless personalization and customization options here to help them speak to their intended audience.

With this in mind, your postcard should summarize who you are as a company in the simplest ways possible. Prospective clients should be able to spend under five seconds looking at your postcard, then give you a broad idea of exactly the kinds of services and benefits you offer – and more importantly, how those services might benefit them directly.

Price Ranges

One of the great benefits of several types of direct mail is the lower cost-per-lead number you’ll find compared to many other forms of advertising, and postcards are the crown jewel here. They’re the least costly option among all direct mail offerings, providing similar messaging and effects as other letter types without much of the hassle. Not only is your messaging simpler to find and read for customers, you save overhead on tasks that aren’t needed for postcards, such as stuffing envelopes.

For more on why postcards are a great direct mail option, or to learn about any of our digital printing, union printing, or packaging printing services, speak to the pros at Sun Print Solutions today.

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