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Sun Print Solutions brings your printing into the 21st Century and helps you get personal with print.  We print, we mail, we innovate, and we do it all inhouse! Plus, we create brand experiences by putting your brand in the hands of your customer. Anyone can put ink on paper, but we are known for tackling complex jobs, making them easy, and getting them right every time. 

Our premium brand’s 80-year history has enabled us to be the leaders of innovation and change in the print industry. Since 1941, Sun Print Solutions has been pioneering frontiers of quality & customer service in the printing industry. We are a union shop with offices in Utah, so you get the highest quality work, GCC/IBT certified. 


We understand the art of printing and packaging. And we have a thorough understanding of the roles and needs of our customers—whether you are a small business owner, a campaign manager or non-profit, in procurement or design, or a marketing specialist with branding requirements—Sun Print’s approach is geared toward your success. 

We get personal. Consumers report that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent for a brand’s products and services. We can help you leverage personalization through our team of data specialists and variable data printing experts. We can merge multiple spreadsheets with personalized data into one job, giving you the best personal solution for your customer. We do more than simple name changes–we can change multiple text blocks and images in one piece. We have the ability to go so far as adding an individual map on each direct mail. Personalization. Find out why it’s our specialty.

We get printing. Sun Print offers a full range of printing and finishing services, including digital and offset, direct mail, kitting and fulfillment and custom printing. We offer an information trail from production to delivery i.e. full transparency between production and delivery. We stand by our products, we provide the highest quality and service, we get the jobs right the first time, even the most complex ones.

We understand packaging and folding box. We collaborate with designers to ensure they get the best outcome with design and the materials and ensure your brand is accurately represented (colors, fonts, etc.). We make die lines available online for quick and easy download. What you get is packaging that captures attention. Our approach to personalization is one you haven’t seen before; we help you master the science of touch. Touch and feel are important components that increases the perceived value of your brand, and also helps trigger a reaction faster. Sun Print’s wide variety of finishes, effects and embellishments makes your brand stand apart.  

We know big data. Our data infrastructure is optimized to process and merge vast amounts of personal information, because we know personalized marketing campaigns are essential to your success. 

You have access to our data specialists who offer you digital insights like:  

  • Conversion rate comparisons
  • Buying behaviors and trends
  • Inventory management
  • More targeted direct mails for personalized experiences

And database services like:

  • New addresses and updates
  • De-duplication
  • Anti-spam compliance – do not mail DMA
  • Management of undeliverables, unsubscribes, and incompletes

Our customers experience the Sun Print difference. For one client, we augment their digital campaigns by sending out nearly five million personalized mailers each year – and we don’t mean simple name changes. For another client we build custom boxes that awaken the senses of sight and touch. For other clients we’ve added custom maps and directions to their direct mail campaigns. 

We keep all the work in-house. This way our team of data specialists, printers and project managers are able to quality control your job, every step of the way. We drop ship throughout the USA and our team works 24/7 – so don’t be shy, call or email us anytime. 


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