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At Sun Print Solutions we have access, through our extensive supplier network, to hundreds of grades of high-quality papers ideal for our modern digital and offset presses. We use these to produce exceptional marketing collateral and other printed pieces, on deadline, to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. And in the rare instance that we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll leverage our 80+ years of paper, print and press experience to suggest affordable options that will never compromise on print quality. In other words, when it comes to paper, we have it, or we’ll get it – quickly. 

The Current Supply-Chain Chaos Explained

Since 1941, Sun Print has been at the forefront of printing technology. Anyone can put ink on paper, but we are known for tackling complex jobs, making them easy, and getting them correct every time. The current global supply-chain crisis is a prime example of this complexity. Exacerbated by the pandemic, its causes are complex, inter-linked and volatile. It would take dozens of pages to explore its beginnings and effects, but the bottom line is that it’s resulted in a worldwide shortage of printing papers. We’ve been monitoring the situation closely. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Supplies of some paper stocks have dropped by as much as 50%, while the cost of other paper stocks has risen substantially.
  • Average delays at ports are still running 20% – 40% more than previous years. 
  • Major factors contributing to these delays and higher costs include a lack of truckers and strikes (labour shortages), the huge rise in shipping-container costs (up to 400%, though some rates are beginning to stabilize according to, and the rising costs of energy and fuel.
  • Paper mills (due to falling demand as people worked online from home for two years), in order to survive, have had to decide which types of paper bring in the most revenue. Some have even re-purposed their production equipment to produce more packaging papers as opposed to papers for commercial printing and other uses. 

All of this has meant that demand is still exceeding supply, especially in North America. The good news is that, according to logistics experts, the situation is slowly starting to ease and the paper industry should begin to recover in mid 2023. But what should you do in the meantime? 

How Sun Print Can Help You – Now!

Not only do we have access to major paper suppliers, but we also keep in touch with smaller merchants who stock certain paper grades that others may not have, such as synthetic and specialty papers. For example, let’s say you need a glossy paper for your next project that’s not currently available. You might consider synthetic options that have the same smooth, tactile feel and professional look. If you need digital print embellishments, but the paper on which they’re printed is not currently available, you might consider specialty papers with built-in finishes that are created for a specific use. These papers that can be used for invitations, stationery, packaging, marketing campaigns, industrial purposes and more. In virtually every situation, we can suggest affordable options of the same quality, so you won’t have to wait. 

Did you know that press manufacturers ‘certify’ (recommend) certain paper grades after they’ve undergone rigorous testing on their presses? This ‘optimization’ is key to maintaining print quality and on-press runnability, while keeping job costs low. At Sun Print, we know which paper grades work best on which types of digital or offset presses. We’ll look after these details – so you can spend more time growing your business. 

Let’s Talk

We suggest that you anticipate what your customers may want several months in advance and order the paper you need well ahead of time, to save money and guarantee on-time delivery. Until the supply-chain situation eases, urge them to make their choices based on paper availability. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative or that your printed projects won’t stand out. At Sun Print we have hundreds of high-end paper options to choose from.Another idea is touse standard, less expensive sizes, and paper grades as much as possible, to further reduce costs and ensure availability. 

If you can dream it. We can print it.
Our team at Sun Print Solutions is ready to partner with you through this paper chaos.

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