Vital Elements of Direct Mail Pieces

As the digital world explodes all around us, there’s still huge value in direct mail products and advertising methods. Some people who consume huge amounts of digital media get worn out by it over time, particularly in the advertising-related world, but these same people will often respond well to direct mail options that are sleek and different from what they’re used to.

At Sun Print Solutions, we have numerous direct mail services to help you reach these potential clients and more. But just sending direct mail alone isn’t enough – you need to stand out from the competition and stick to an organized strategy when it comes to your branding. Let’s look at five essential elements of a successful direct mail product.

elements direct mail pieces


It may seem obvious, and in some ways it is, but address is a vital part of any direct mail decision. For starters, you need to ensure accuracy on all your details, such as street names, family names and any other areas where errors are easy to make.

From here, though, you can consider so much else when it comes to addresses. Our printing services allow you to personalize addresses, giving them a handwritten look or another style that you think will go well with a given demographic. You can also use the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program, which lets you target customers geographically based on important demographics instead of just using individual addresses and mailing info. This is a particularly useful option for targeting local customers.


You want direct mail to connect with its audience, and strong visuals and logos within your printing solutions make a big impact here. Prioritize the use of your logos and common company fonts, as well as your primary colors. You can also consider special touches like embossing or letterpress to really make your direct mail stand out to new customers.


Even before prospective customers see your printing, they see your packaging. Whether it’s a 3D package or a postcard campaign, standing out is vital here. One big element here is coating – you can use either a bright and shiny gloss for postcard pieces or a warm matte for larger packages. It sounds silly, but some percentage of people will legitimately judge your company and products based on how their direct mail piece feels when they hold it.

Call to Action

All direct mail pieces, no matter what style you’re using, should have a call to action (CTA). This is the part of your piece that engages them and encourages them to take further action beyond just reading your ad – it’s often found in the form of a shortened website URL they can visit, or a scannable QR code. You can also provide links to social media. Just be sure to be reasonable about your CTAs and don’t overdo them, as this will turn people off.


You have very little time to convince a prospective customer that they should learn more about your company or products, so don’t waste it. Use simple, concise messages that are personalized where possible and speak directly to customers – use the information you have on them to focus on the things that matter to them and how your products can help with problems they need solved. Less is more when it comes to copy; look for the best ways to communicate what you offer in short, easily digestible bursts.

For more on important elements in direct mail, or to learn about any of our digital printing services, speak to the pros at Sun Print Solutions today.

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