Using a Local Printing Company to Self-Publish

Your local printing company can be a powerful asset if you’ve written a book. Using a Local Printing Company to Self-Publish Many burgeoning authors believe that they must stick to digital publishing because hard-copy book-printing costs are too onerous. That’s not true today, thanks to technology and value-added services provided by your local printing company. In fact, you have multiple options for printing your book.

Large Offset Printing Runs for Publishing Your Book

Nothing feels quite like ordering the first printing of your first book. In fact, you’ll likely get that same thrill for everyone. Having copies of your book on hand is important for establishing yourself in your field. If you do public speaking or seminars, setting up a stack of your book on a merchandise table gives you instant authority. For this purpose (if you’re prepared to invest a little money), you can take advantage of the lower per-book cost of offset printing. In fact, the more you order, the lower your per-book cost will be. You can save even more by choosing your book size and cover stock wisely. You don’t have to print your tome in hardback when you’re just starting out. Your audience will be much more interested in what’s on the inside of your book than they will be about the type of cover it has.

Digital Printing on Demand for Self-Publishing & Fulfillment

Arguably the most popular approach for today’s authors is digital printing on demand and fulfillment. It’s cost-effective and even better, hands-off for you. Simply send your book’s electronic file to your printing company. As the orders roll in, send the printer the order information. They will print the book, package it and ship it off to your customer. With digital printing on demand, you’ll pay a little more per book, but you don’t pay for printing until you already have the customer’s order — and their money.

Choosing a Printing Company for


You can find dozens (maybe hundreds) of online services offering to print books for self-published authors. Many of these companies also offer print on demand and fulfillment. Be careful of these companies, however, as most will only offer these services in exchange for a per-book fee — either a percentage or a fixed amount. Your local printing company will charge you their normal fees for printing and fulfillment because they’re in the business of offering printing and related services, but they aren’t interested in taking a cut of your sales. Sun Print Solutions is the local printing company that provides exceptional customer service to clients across the U.S. We are based in Utah, and for more than 75 years we have provided full-service printing for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how a local printing company can help you self-publish your book with digital and offset printing and fulfillment services.

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