Spotlight: Twin Oaks Senior Living Promotes Services to New Audience By Getting Personal With Print

Twin Oaks Senior Living provides Assisted Living and Memory Care with a dedicated focus on offering seniors a community living setting where special attention is provided for their physical, social and emotional needs. The facility balances high-end class and livable comfort plus personalized nurse care.  

Throughout its history, Twin Oaks has established a very successful reputation with many existing communities. However, when they planned to open a facility in a new location, the leadership team ran into the complex issue of reintroducing themselves to a brand new audience.  

“At Twin Oaks Senior Living, we pride ourselves on delivering the best services and care to our residents,” said Hope Jenkinson Director of Sales & Marketing, Twin Oaks Senior Living. “We have excellent caregivers, dining services, activities, and more all in a beautiful upscale yet home-like community.”

“Our intent was to inform families that they should choose Twin Oaks Senior Living because it’s a locally-owned, beautiful new community in a great central location with all of these wonderful services. But that was difficult to do without having our own design and print resources to create products that inform and assist the community in choosing a senior living option, we needed to look for the right company to help in creating print material to successfully increase business, and we found that and more with Sun Print Solutions. Since having print material in hand, business has increased 40%!”  

Enter Sun Print Solutions. Their premium brand’s 80-year history has enabled them to be the leaders of innovation and change in the print industry. Sun Print Solutions brings printing into the 21st Century by helping customers get personal with print. The in-house team can print, mail, and innovate while creating specialized brand experiences that put any company’s brand in the hands of its customers. As a union shop with offices in Utah, Sun Print Solutions can drop-ship throughout the USA supported by a dedicated team that works 24/7.  

After reviewing the needs of the Twin Oaks Living leadership team, Sun Print’s solutions experts went to work assessing the client’s requirements and carefully considering the various options to hit their communications goal. 

For marketing challenges, such as the one provided by Twin Oaks Senior Living, Sun Print stands by these company virtues: 

  • Understand the true value of your brand 
  • Help you generate leads with a more personal solution  
  • Put your brand in your customers’ hands  
  • Ensure your brand is accurately represented (including colors, fonts, and other company features)

Twin Oaks Senior Living needed to inform families about why they should choose their facility as the best choice for their loved ones. 

“The Twin Oaks Senior Living leadership team did their due diligence and researched print offerings from various companies,” said Hope. “Our previous vendor fell short of expectations when it came time to provide critical communication assets and they missed anticipated delivery deadlines.” 
To solve the challenge, Sun Print offered a customized design and printing package that included both specialized brochures and uniquely designed business cards. The overall communications solution was gratefully received by the Twin Oaks Living leadership team. 

“Sun Print Solutions met our communication needs with flying colors,” said Hope. “Our lead contact was responsive and provided the most amazing service we’ve had from any outsourced service. We now have high-end, beautiful-looking materials that we’re proud to hand out to prospective customers and other professionals. Sun Print’s communication package was definitely well received — so much so that we’ve been able to successfully promote ourselves to the community with the right brand and the right image. We’re eager to work again with the Sun Print team for our future printing projects.” 
The marketing package that Sun Print produced, provided Twin Oaks Living with a look and feel that mirrored their intent of the exact message for the community — a place where seniors can be assured of great care and attention. 


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