Transaction Printing

Among the many different printing services offered at Sun Print Solutions, one of the most common types is transaction printing. Sometimes, this type of printing is also referred to as service printing or statement printing. For companies and organizations that send a lot of bills, statements, or other personalized transaction documents, using a printing company like Sun Print Solutions for your transaction printing saves you tons of time and money.

What is Transaction Printing?

Some industries and print shops use the term “transaction printing” a little differently. Some people might be looking for a transaction printing service, but don’t know what it’s called. Here’s a quick explanation.

Unlike creative prints like works of art, business cards, or colorful banners, transaction printing is the automated process of mass-producing prints that communicate official transactions or notices. The general design (or “form”) is the same for every print, but personalized information is pulled from a database and printed one by one onto the form. This process is usually done with digital printing.

Some examples of transaction printing would be…

  • A monthly bill for cable television service
  • An explanation of benefits from an insurance provider
  • Quarterly bank statements
  • Invoicing documents
  • Personalized medical billing that maintains HIPAA standards

electric bill and calculator

In short, this type of service involves the printing of specific transaction details onto a form with fixed details, before being sent out to the individual or business entity for which it was printed. Without using a professional printing service like Sun Print Solutions, producing all of these statements and transaction documents would be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. But our shop allows you to automate the process of pulling the necessary data from the computer and printing all of your statements, bills and invoices as needed. No matter your industry or the type of transaction printing you need, Sun Print Solutions makes your life easier.

Unlike typical print projects or “jobs”, transaction printing is an ongoing relationship between a company and the printers. The company issuing the printed forms are not approving each individual print or keeping track of start and end dates for delivery. As statements and bills accumulate over time, the partner print shop like Sun Print Solutions keeps the system going as scheduled. The computer database provides the current data for the next round of printing, and the Sun Print team gets them sent out.

Other Use Cases

Transpromo – Transpromotional Print

Transpromotional printing, or “Transpromo”, combines the method of transaction printing with current client data to provide promotional messaging. In other words, Transpromo prints are printed marketing materials designed to encourage people to upgrade or expand upon their current service.

Some examples of Transpromo printing would be an insert included with a phone bill that encourages you to “bundle your phone and internet to save 20% on your annual bill”, or an onsert printed on the transaction statement itself.

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Transaction Printing FAQs

What is the difference between transaction printing and variable data printing?

While transaction printing and variable data printing are similar, transaction printing is a more specific and involved version of variable data printing.

Variable data printing is placing unique data on final prints to distinguish final copies, such as direct mail pieces with unique names and addresses. Transaction printing requires the incorporation of multiple pieces of variable data in a printed form that is understandable as part of a transaction, statement or service.