Tactics for Designing a Catchy, Useful Pull Up Banner

At Sun Print Solutions, one of the top features of our digital printing services is the versatility in mediums allowed. We can print your desired designs on virtually any material you need, whether it’s traditional paper or fabric, glass, metal, stone or pretty much anything else you can come up with.

Many in the business world utilize these services for various promotional or educational materials, and a great example of one format here is the pull up banner. Also called a retractable banner, this is a portable display system that’s very similar to a retractable screen – it can be rolled up for basic storage, but then unfurled when the information needs to be presented. If you’re considering printing a pull up banner for a business meeting, trade show or some other promotional event, here are some tips we can offer on designing it properly.

designing catchy pull up banner

Logo Placement

For starters, where should you place your logo? In almost all cases, the answer is at the top, along with other pieces of important information. Just like with any other reading material, people are most likely to look at the top center of your page first, and move on from there. In addition, pull up banners are often found in rooms where chairs or tables could block lower parts of the design.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

When it comes to the actual information you’re presenting, stick to the simple standby: Top to bottom, left to right. The most important text beyond your logo should go at the top and begin at the left side, with areas like bullet points or pictures below.

Banners are meant to draw attention, so there’s no need to fill too much information or cover every inch of space. For those who do need more info, point them to a webpage that’s simple to locate on the banner.

Clear Font and Typography

That attention-drawing we just mentioned? You only have a few seconds to accomplish it with most readers, so you want your text and font to be clear, easy-to-read and uncomplicated. Stick to simple messages that people of all reading speeds and levels can digest.

Quality Images

Poor images will ruin the credibility you’re going for, as will boring stock images everyone knows aren’t yours. Look for impactful images that are at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) in quality – enlarge your images in your files before sending them to us, as many images look different when printed to a larger size.

Utilizing Space

As we noted above, there’s no need to fill every bit of white space with some kind of text or graphic. Rather, utilize space in intelligent ways to help draw people toward the primary messaging you’re looking to drive home.

For more on creating pull up banners, or to learn about any of our direct mail or digital printing services, speak to the staff at Sun Print Solutions today.

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