What is Packaging

Packaging is the art of designing a custom container for your product using the science of touch.
The most basic packaging is a square box and from there you’re only limited by your imagination.

Packaging can be:

Any shape or size

Rough, smooth, silky or feel leather, suede, etc.

Shaped to hold components of your product in place

Strictly utilitarian i.e. a folding carton or corrugated mailing box

A carton, bag, box, sleeve, jar, bottle, foil pouch, etc.

Custom labels which are also considered packaging

We take care of everything for you: the print, the mailing, the fulfillment and the data manipulation.
We are one of the few print companies that understand the art of packaging and labels.

We take notice of every tiny detail and come up with ways to make it better

We focus on shelf appeal and brand recognition for increased response rates

We apply the science of touch to influence increased response rates

We ensure the packaging holds up throughout the supply chain process

We’ll help you choose the best shipping cartons for the job

If you can dream it, we can package and fulfill it.


What is fulfillment?

  • It’s the printing, storing, collating, assembling, packaging, kitting and the shipping of printed materials
  • i.e. the management and fulfilling of orders to one or more location, and on one or multiple days throughout the month or even the year

Why choose us for your fulfillment and services?

  • We can handle any combination of complexity and frequency on your behalf
  • We excel with complex assembly instructions
  • All materials are stored in our sophisticated fulfillment facility in Salt Lake City
  • We fulfill through all major couriers and can ship anywhere in the world

Let's get PERSONAL with your project.