Promotional Calendar Printing Ideas for 2019

Do you have your 2019 promotional calendar ready for printing? You might think it’s too soon, but it’s not.

Calendars are a time-tested method of marketing and promotion, ensuring that your information stays front and center in your customers’ and prospects’ line of sight. Even in today’s high-tech world, research tells us that the average number of promotional calendars in the home is four.

The more interesting and useful you can make your design, the better your ROI will be. By leveraging the knowledge and services of your local printing company when designing your 2019 calendar, you can help ensure that your brand recognition will benefit — and ideally, so will your bottom line.

Calendar printing

Promotional Calendar Layout Options

Have you been sending out the same basic calendar layout for years (or even decades)? If so, might it be time for a change?

You can choose to do a smaller format design, such as stick-up calendar, pocket or full-size planner, desk tent or flip, or even a magnetic design. Many people still swear by their large-format desk pad calendars.

Or why not consider a hybrid design, such as a notebook or address book with a calendar? Your customers and prospects will love a value-added option like this, and if you add another year or two, they’ll be sure to keep it around for a long time.

Promotional Calendar Design Ideas

Another consideration is whether you should use a stock design — landscapes, cars and animals are all popular choices — or design your calendar from scratch.

Although the second option will take a little more time and effort to design, using your own photos, logo, etc., will provide your customers with a more personal experience.

You can also use digital printing technology to personalize every calendar you send out.

Promotional Calendar Printing Options

If you plan to order a substantial quantity of 2019 calendars, you’ll likely want to talk to your local printer about offset printing. For large runs, offset printing offers the lowest per-unit cost. And the more you order, the less expensive each one will be.

If you don’t need many, consider having your job done with digital printing technology.

Digital technology can provide a high-quality result with the option for producing your calendar on a multitude of surfaces. Imagine receiving a calendar containing a personal message just for you, or a list of the products you order most often (with their item codes) to make future ordering a breeze.

Use a little creativity this year and see how much more popular and in-demand your annual calendar becomes!

Sun Print Solutions provides a full range of digital and offset printing along with value-added services like warehousing, kitting, packaging and fulfillment for customers in Utah and throughout the United States. Contact us today for even more creative ideas for making your 2019 promotional calendar the best ever.

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