Printing Services Help the Environment & Boost the Economy

Printing services, printing companies, lithographers – whatever you want to call companies that print things – have taken a bit of grief over the last decade from environmental advocates. Printing Services The assertion is that paper is bad for the environment, that it’s deforesting Earth and that everyone wants to go digital anyway. But did you know that these are all myths? In fact, printing services (and the paper they use) are not only alive and well but they play a crucial role in sustaining the environment and the economy.

How Do Printing Services Help the Environment?

North America’s paper industry requires sustainable forest growth to survive. Consequently, the industry promotes sustainable forestry practice. Trees are not a finite resource. The paper manufacturing industry provides a reliable market for certified wood fiber for paper, which encourages sustainable forestry practices. Without this demand, land owners tend to sell their property for development – further harming the environment. It’s work, too. The USDA Forest Service reports that, since 1950, U.S. forest area has increased by three percent, but the net volume of trees on timberland has increased by 58 percent. Science proves that using wood is the best way to protect our forests in the long term. When we eliminate the demand for wood, any incentive for foresting is eliminated along with it.

How Do Printing Services Help the Economy?

A steady demand for wood, whether it be for making paper or other consumer products, provides a steady source of income for land owners and hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs. In fact, the forest products and paper industries directly employ more than 900,000 American workers. When you add in the related industries – including printing services – the number of jobs related to paper is approximately 8.4 million. Another major source of jobs and economic benefit is the recycling industry. Overwhelmingly, paper is the most commonly recycled material in the U.S. In 2013, almost 64 percent of the paper used in the U.S. was recycled, compared to 28 percent of the glass and only 9 percent of the plastic. The recycling industry creates jobs and, as the demand for recycled paper grows, so will this economically viable industry.

So, Print Isn’t Dead?

Just the opposite, in fact. The Two Sides Initiative, an advocacy group dedicated to confronting the myths about printing services and the environment, reports that 70 percent of U.S. residents – including 69 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds – prefer to read information in print rather than on-screen. An important fact to remember is that not everyone has a computer and, among those who do own one, not everyone uses it for everything. Using an integrated strategy that blends printing services and electronic artifacts is the best way to appeal to a broad audience – and to allow everyone equal access to your materials. So, the next time someone in your company suggests you skip the print marketing campaign to “save trees,” share some of these facts with them. Then pick up the phone and call your local printing service. Located in West Valley City UT, Sun Print Solutions is proud to be a union printing shop. We provide services to clients in Utah and throughout the United States. Our services include offset and digital printing, package design, direct mail and order fulfillment. Contact us today to learn more about how our professional printing services can help you grow your business.

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