Printing Companies Can Provide Fulfillment Services

Today, many printing companies offer fulfillment services for businesses that require kitting, packaging and shipping. If you regularly package and ship multiple items, including collateral or other printed materials that require picking, collating or grouping into a specific configuration (or multiple configurations), these services could provide a variety of cost-effective benefits. Fulfillment Services

What Are Kitting and Fulfillment?

When used by printing companies, the term fulfillment refers to filling orders. Kitting refers to assembling a specific list of items and arranging or placing them in a predetermined way. So if your company regularly sends out packets of material to interested potential customers, you could look for printing companies that could handle this for you, rather than handling these duties in-house. Many printers will use offset or digital printing to produce collateral materials, then store those materials in their warehouse. When you need a packet or kit sent to a specific person, company or list, you place the request with the printer. They pick the items to go in the kit, assemble it, pack it up and ship it for you.

How Printing Companies Fulfill Kitting Orders

Based on the client’s specifications, a printer that offers fulfillment services will have all the information they need to assemble specific packets or kits. When the client makes a request, they put the kit together per those instructions. For example, construction companies may have marketing collaterals that include a company brochure, qualification statement, business cards and various one-sheets documenting past projects. If a potential client expresses interest in their retail construction experience, they may not want the kit they send to that business to include information about school or municipal projects. Some printing companies can fulfill orders beyond basic printed materials. If you use a company to provide your packaging printing, they may also have the capacity to fulfill specific product orders on your behalf.

Does Your Utah Printing Company Offer Fulfillment?

If you believe that kitting and fulfillment may be helpful to your company, talk to local printing companies to explore adding these services. In Utah, Sun Print Solutions offers both kitting and fulfillment for our customers. Through our sophisticated fulfillment facility in Salt Lake City, we have the capacity to send virtually anything you may need via USPS, UPS, FedEx and other couriers. This frees up your team and allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business. Sun Print Solutions is proud to be a locally owned and operated union printing company. Our focus is on quality, customer service and fair pricing. We have the cutting-edge technology necessary to meet all your digital and offset printing needs as well as packaging and direct mail. Contact us today to learn more about how our kitting and fulfillment services can help your business.

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