Pharmaceutical Label Printing Service

Among the various industries for which we provide professional printing services, Sun Print Solutions also offers pharmaceutical label printing.

While medication label print jobs may be less common than business and other professional printing, producing this specific kind of label is a crucial step for companies involved in medication and prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, and other industries where lots of important information needs to be included on relatively small packaging. At Sun Print Solutions, we use top-of-the-line printers and specialized equipment to print pharmaceutical instructions, warnings, and other important information for mass production.

If you already have your design ready for printing, we can get right to creating your labels. And if you need a little help in deciding which pharmaceutical label design is best for your product or prescription, our team can help you get it just right.

Types of Medication Label Printing

Booklet Labels

booklet style label on pharmaceutical bottle

Booklet labels are often used on medication bottles when the directions, warnings, dosage charts, or other information takes up multiple pages of text. The booklets start out secured flush against the pill bottle or other package-type, but can be pulled open to reveal the booklet pages.

Printing pharmaceutical labels with the booklet style is a convenient way to include all important information on the packaging itself as opposed to selling the medication along with a packet of accompanying paperwork. Sun Print Solutions has the machinery necessary to create these extra-thin folded pages with small-print text.

One important thing to remember: if you use a booklet label to communicate important information regarding any medication or supplement that will be ingested by the user, make sure that your design includes a clear call-to-action on the outside of the label, so the user knows that they need to open up the other booklet pages to see all the instructions and other information.

Peel and Reveal / Fold-Out Labels

a peel and reveal medication label

Photo Credit: Positive ID Labels

When you need some extra space for your label information but not enough to necessitate using the booklet style, the “peel and reveal” or fold-out label is a popular choice. Similar to booklet labels, the peel and reveal labels incorporate an extra page or two underneath the top layer. However, peel and reveal labels usually involve only one or two extra sections, often printed on a single fold-out piece.

This type of specialized pharmaceutical printing can’t be easily produced without the help of a professional label printing company like Sun Print Solutions, where we use special machinery designed for this very purpose.

Once again, you’ll want to make sure that it’s obvious to the user that there is more information to be revealed in the label fold-out. Our team is happy to go over some examples with you if you’d like some ideas on how this kind of medication label would look on your pharmaceutical packaging.

Sticker Labels

a group of medicine containers with the labels being shown

The simplest way to label your pharmaceutical product is to use a high-quality sticker. Sun Print Solutions can easily mass produce these types of labels for bottles, boxes, or other medicinal packaging. Sticker labels are great for packages with room to print all the important information right on the package without the need for extra fold-out or booklet space. Our team handles large print jobs like these with finely-tuned digital printers that ensure text is legible and reflects the professional quality of your brand and product.

Pharmaceutical Printing and Packaging with Sun Print Solutions

At Sun Print Solutions, we know that pharmaceutical printing is vital within the medication and supplement industry. Not only do our label printing services help complete the look of your packaging, it also helps your customers stay safe while protecting you legally. Depending on the specific design and paper type, Sun Print Solutions can utilize either digital printing or offset lithographic printing.

We also offer general packaging printing and design service. Our solutions include the design and production of professional quality cartons, boxes, and other package options for your products. Learn more about our packaging and fulfillment services to see how Sun Print can streamline your business needs.

Medication labels are a type of printing that require specialized technology that most people don’t have easy access to. Let our company make pharmaceutical label printing and packaging easy and affordable for you like we have done for many different companies!

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Pharmaceutical Printing FAQs

What is Pharmaceutical Labeling?

Because of the unique legal and pharmaceutical nature of the labels used for medications, vitamins, and other supplements, the packaging and labeling used to convey this information sometimes requires the printing of extensive information that may exceed a line or two of text. In order to fit this important information onto the container where they medical supplement or device is kept, specially-designed labels are commonly used which expand out into fold-outs or small booklets, attached to the container.

Since pharmaceutical labels require specialized printers and design, most companies pay for label printing services like Sun Print Solutions to print these pharmaceutical labels for them.