Packaging Trends Your Brand Can’t Afford to Ignore

Changing consumer preferences, a willingness to spend more, and a rising focus on high-quality materials, innovative shapes, textures and finishes – as well as sustainable and new, eco-friendly and bio-degradable options – are helping products speak from the shelf, grab attention, intrigue customers, and persuade them to choose your brand over the rest.

While Cannabis and CBD packaging is fueling growth for the lifestyle and beauty market, Cosmetics and Fragrances, Confectionery, Watches, Jewelry, and Premium Beverage brands are all jumping on the bandwagon to deliver luxurious, memorable customer experiences.

When it comes to packaging, you’ve got a wealth of luxurious print options to choose from today.

At Sun Print, we build custom boxes that awaken the senses of sight and touch. Plus, we understand the art of packaging.

Ready to check out the latest packaging design trends?

Text Centric

The playful use of typography takes center stage in this design trend – instead of just being functional, text is showcased as art. Unusual typefaces, bespoke designed type and a mixing of typefaces have become a leading trend for 2022.


Clean. Simple lines and shapes. Heavy use of negative space. Open. Monochromatic. Less is more.

We are seeing minimalism as a big trend, not just in print design, but in UX/UI as well. Minimalism emphasizes the core of a brand, sharpens a brand’s presence, and makes it memorable – allowing the product to speak for itself. This trend figures prominently in luxury packaging design, evoking a sense of elegant simplicity, and piquing consumer curiosity to “unbox” the product!

Storyselling on Packaging

As Steve Jobs said, “Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.”

In contrast to minimalism, brands that want to feature their stories are opting for prominent graphics, bolder use of color and lavish illustration. The images build out the narrative around the brand and are an attractive way to engage the emotions of consumers. Telling a story is a compelling way to get your brand noticed.

Also called ‘storyselling,’ this trend uses visual cues like shape, color and texture to tell a story using imagery rather than text. For example, Basilur’s tea packaging features 4 designs that combine to tell a Christmas story using creative graphics and strategic die cutting.

Brands can implement this trend with small changes in packaging, like adding die-cutting, choosing another substrate (i.e., recyclable), or adding an illustration.

60s Throwback

It’s groovy, and instantly recognizable: retro 1960s designs are trending again!

Pop art, psychedelic, Eastern influences, abstract optical illusion – all of these influenced 60s retro design. Typefaces were experimental, almost unreadable, characterized by undulating lines and vibrating colors. This trend is upbeat and playful, as color takes center stage—bright and bold – attracting attention to your packaging.


‘Old fashioned’ and ‘vintage’ describe the packaging designs of this trend, a reminder of happier times and simpler lives. In contrast to the rebelliousness of the 60s and minimalist trends, this style is all about tradition and nostalgia. Think late 19th century and the early 20th, up to the 1950s. Victorian, steampunk, art deco, and mid-century modern.

If the vintage look appeals to your brand’s core audience, it can relate to your product’s long history and let your brand stand out.

Luxury Packaging

Heard of the unboxing phenomenon? Luxury packaging, a $16 billion market, is a key driver of that viral video trend. Using higher quality, heavier substrates, unique design and shape, as well as special finishes and glosses, luxury packaging evokes exclusivity, refinement and high quality – ideal for the high net-worth consumer who pay extra attention (and dollars) for a premium package.

Awaken the senses with bespoke printing embellishments for your brand. Add metallics, gold foil, pearlized coatings, debossing – as well as luxury textures like leather, stone and woodgrains – yes, you can do that with print!

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Sustainable Packaging

The trend in sustainable packaging continues its rapid growth. Today’s boxes, bags and packages are eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that are worthy of the unboxing experience. They grab attention, intrigue customers, and persuade them to choose one product over the rest – both online and off.

Digital packaging continues to grow as an affordable, eco-friendly solution with growth in corrugated, carton, flexibles and direct-to-shape, with developments in metal printing. Recycled and eco-friendly materials for packaging include recycled URB – Uncoated Recycle Board, and CRB – Coated Recycle Board, which is produced with 100% recycled paperboard.

The Next Step?

More online stores, means more parcels shipped – and more brands that need packaging. And not just any old ‘need to ship the product’ box – but brand-showcasing packaging that leaves a lasting impression for the unboxer. Social media plays a big part in online shopping behavior; almost 75% have made online purchases after watching a video on social media.

Whether you are inspired by the trends, or just want to incorporate one element, let Sun Print help you crush the competition. Our packaging design experts understand the art of packaging – and how to create experiences that put your brand in the hands of your customer.

Anyone can put ink on paper, but we’re known for tackling complex jobs, making them easy, and getting them right every time– and we do it all in-house. Make an appointment to chat with one of our print professionals; they can advise, guide and take your packaging project all the way through the printing and finishing process.

Let’s get personal with your packaging.

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