Offset Printing Services for Realtors®

For Realtors®, offset printing services provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution to many of the most common real estate printing needs. In fact, these services provide a unique opportunity to maximize your marketing budget and create highly effective advertising campaigns for your most important listings. Offset printing is also invaluable for general marketing and building brand awareness, offering both simplicity and a high return on investment. offset-printing-realtor

What Is Offset Printing?

Also called lithography, offset printing does not deliver ink directly to the paper or cardstock. Instead, this process uses plates that transfer the desired image to a rubber surface known as a blanket. The blanket then transfers the ink to the target surface, creating the image in sharp, vivid colors. This printing process typically uses large sheets or rolls of paper or stock. The images are reproduced multiple times on each sheet, then cut to the correct size. This process is ideal for large printing runs, typically 500 pieces or more. The cost is much less per-piece than digital printing, and the unit cost goes down significantly as the quantity increases. The quality is the highest possible in the printing industry and you have the option of using a variety of specialty inks. The best part is that this process can be used to print on almost any surface or material.

Offset Printing for Realtor® Branding & Marketing

If you still believe the secret to success in selling real estate is location, it’s time to update your marketing playbook. The secret to real estate sales success is perception. For individual listings, a well-designed, high-quality marketing flyer makes the recipient stop and take notice. For your high-value listings, you can create the image you need to engage and attract the most well-qualified buyers. But, for most real estate professionals, branding and general marketing are where this printing method really shines. Business cards, rack cards, yard signs, brochures and banners all play a key role in Realtor® marketing. Sure, you could order your materials from a low-budget overseas site that spends millions for TV ads. But, for about the same cost, you could work with a local offset printer who can help you design the ideal marketing materials for helping you build your brand.

Offset Printing for Real Estate Promos & Giveaways

Pens, stickers and promotional giveaways ensure that your name stays in the hands of your prospects. Your local offset printing expert can help you design the ideal products to use for giveaways at trade shows, mixers and open houses. Magnets, notepads, tote bags and auto shadescreens are just a few of the choices that many Realtors® prefer. Or, for a truly unique giveaway, consider using custom packaging printing to create your own personally branded items. Customized packaging for mints, mixed nuts or whatever item you like can be created to your specification. One popular choice today is Chinese-style takeout containers branded for Realtors®. You can use these cute and memorable containers to hold whatever goodies or promo items you like. Delivered to title companies and lenders’ offices, or left behind for your clients at closing, these unique items will set you apart from the competition. Serving real estate agents and brokers in Utah and across the U.S., Sun Print Solutions offers a full suite of in-house offset and digital printing services. We also do digital EDDM printing and mailing for Realtors®, lenders, title companies and home builders. Contact us today to learn more about how our offset printing for Realtors® can help you grow your business.

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