Offset Printing for Posters

Offset printing is a high-quality and cost-effective way to print posters — as long as you need a large quantity. Mass-produced posters have been around since the invention of lithography in the 1790s. By the 1830s, printing companies were cranking out full-color posters, to the delight of marketing-minded Americans. offset printing for posters Two centuries later, this communication medium is stronger than ever. And when you produce your posters using the offset printing platform, you can paper your entire community with them for pennies apiece.

Offset Printing for Large Poster Runs

Using offset printing for your posters only makes sense if you need a large quantity — probably at least 50. But the more you need, the more cost-effective it becomes. With digital printing, the per-piece cost rarely varies. This is primarily due to the setup necessary to start a print run, which means the bulk of the cost is incurred on the front end of the job. You can add a coating to the posters — either varnish, UV or aqueous. Aqueous coating is ideal for posters, as it is resistant to fingerprints and yellowing. Aqueous coatings are available in a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss, satin and pencil-receptive finishes. UV coatings (so-called because they are set using a UV light — not because they protect the printing from UV damage) can be used to create a high-gloss effect as well as matte and textured finishes.

Large Format Offset Printing for Posters

A variety of card and paper stock is available in large-format sheets. Using the offset printing platform, these large sheets can produce super-sized posters or accommodate multiple smaller copies. You can choose coated or uncoated paper to produce a glossy, super glossy or matte appearance. You can choose standard, 100-pound poster stock or you can opt for a heavier, more durable stock (however, we don’t recommend you go lighter, unless your design is small).

Offset Poster Printing Design Tips

Whether you plan to use your posters to advertise an upcoming event, give a presentation or spread awareness about a cause, the point of this medium is communication. The design and layout determine whether your posters effectively communicate your message. Remember that your audience is meant to view — and read — your design from farther away. This means you must communicate with your images and just a few words, a little like a billboard. Unlike a billboard, however, you can also include smaller-font copy, designed to be read up close for further information. As you design your poster, imagine your images and large copy catching someone’s attention and calling them over for more. When you choose your fonts and colors, select them to maximize readability. Don’t use any font that is overly fussy or cannot be read clearly from afar. Be sure to use background colors that do not make your text fade into unreadability. For more information on creating high-quality posters for an affordable price, contact Sun Print Solutions. Based in Utah, we offer professional printing services to clients across the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you produce perfect posters using offset printing.

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