Offset Printing for Custom Real Estate Presentation Folders

Offset printing offers an affordable and highly effective approach to creating custom real estate presentation folders. custom real estate presentation folders Despite the growing focus on the digital information exchange today, professional Realtors® understand the irreplaceable value and versatility of a well-designed presentation folder. Here at Sun Print Solutions, we design and produce folders and related promotional materials for professional real estate agents throughout Utah and across the United States, using our state-of-the-art offset printing technology.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Presentation Folders?

Although some potential real estate clients may insist on receiving all their information electronically, this industry remains steadfastly anchored in certain protocols — particularly the formal presentation of proposals, listing contracts and other information for potential or existing clients. Long after you’ve left the meeting, potential clients will have your folder to hold, peruse and revisit. Would you rather be the agent who left a hurriedly stapled sheath of poor-quality copies, or the one with a full-color, professional presentation folio designed to hold your business card and all your materials?

Offset Printing Provides a Professional, Affordable Result

When you use offset printing for your folders, you can create a high-quality product that potentially only costs pennies per piece. Although it will take slightly longer to complete the printing run using offset rather than digital technology, the cost of offset printing per-piece decreases the higher the quantity you request. Your folders will arrive at your office already printed, cut, folded and glued — ready to go right out of the box.

Designing Your Real Estate Folder for Offset Printing

Whether you already have your design complete or you have no idea where to begin, the Sun Print Solutions team can help. Traditional Realtor® folders feature a two-pocket design with a die-cut space to hold your business card. However, you can design your folio in any configuration you prefer. Include your brokerage logo, your name and contact information so that even if the contents of your presentation disappear, potential clients will know how to reach you. Add a QR code and all your prospects will need to reach you is a quick scan from their smartphone. Up the ante by including your photo. Enhance your design by choosing heavy, high-quality cardstock, metallic stamping, specialty inks and other effects that demonstrate to your prospects that you’re serious about your business and committed to your clients. To learn more about how offset and digital printing can help you build brand awareness, contact Sun Print Solutions. Our experienced team understands how important your image is, and we can help you design affordable marketing and sales materials that you’ll be proud to hand out. Contact us today to request an estimate for your digital or offset printing project.

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