Navigate Your Way to More Visitors – How Brochures and Maps Can Boost Location Traffic 

From the earliest days of visitors to this great continent, maps have been an essential tool to guide people around the country. Vikings created detailed maps for others to share their journeys. Lewis and Clark drew maps leading others from sea to shining sea. Today, both in films and literature, we’ve come to know maps as guides for pirates to uncover buried treasure — a secret location only known to a select few as a means to find untold wealth. 

Today, maps can do more than just show you the way with directional indicators or identify where X marks the spot. Maps can combine with targeted customer location information and become promotional tools that help businesses gain traction with a particular audience while increasing public awareness. 

Enhancing Engagement with Printed Maps: The Impact on Location Traffic

Consider a postcard mailer that directs prospective customers to a warehouse sale. Upon receiving the mailer, the customer immediately recognizes their own personalized map with directions to the venue.

Location data helps potential customers to identify their proximity from a specific business, while simultaneously delivering a dynamically created map tailored to that particular customer. With easy step-by-step guides, they literally have a personal invitation to visit that business. 

Let’s say you manage a ski chalet, resort complex or a venue with regular attendees. Visitors can be treated to a map that guides them directly to their room by following a specific path. Along that route, the map can call out specific attractions such as a sauna or gift shop or restaurant.

Sun Print Solutions produces very detailed personalized maps created exclusively for tourist destinations, convention centers and many more places.

Customers have used maps for a variety of venues including museums, science centers, shopping malls, national parks, and campgrounds. 

Navigating Success: The Benefits of Professional Map Printing

Attracting new patients to a medical facility can be a challenge — maps can be part of the solution.

One medical center created a personalized mailer to households in the surrounding towns. Oversized mailers were printed with a coated stock to add impact.

To raise awareness and spread the news, these exclusive mailers featuring personalized maps were sent out to these neighborhoods directing prospective patients from their homes to the medical facility. You can imagine the impressive results from this inventive use of maps. 

Another example to consider is a restaurant chain in which the management was delighted that their first restaurant location was a big hit, however their second location failed to deliver equal success.

To solve the problem, the restaurant manager deployed a targeted print campaign to prospects living in the vicinity of the second location. Advertisements appeared in newspapers showing a highlighted map of the new location coupled with a coupon. Success was achieved as attendance at the new restaurant dramatically increased. 

Other examples of maps include nature trail routes or ATV routes for the outdoors enthusiast. These types of maps can fold out to feature a variety of insightful information about trails, topography and nature to be explored along the way. As an added bonus, interactive elements, such as QR codes or augmented reality, are often included as callouts to bring maps to life.

Both static maps or dynamic interactive maps can illuminate the travelers’ way by showcasing the benefits of certain attractions or natural wonders. 

Map Printing Services: Transforming Locations into Navigational Hotspots

Maps come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be printed on a single page with stiffer cardstock paper or produced in pocket booklet form with phone numbers and advertising, while visually highlighting a variety paths.

For example, one side can showcase the map of the area while the other displays more detailed information and callouts of the flora and fauna of the trail. With the addition of a QR code to an educational video or augmented reality experience, these small maps become mighty. 

But maps don’t have to be folding puzzles that we remember from long car rides back in the day. Maps can be printed in a booklet form for more formal occasions such as a charity ball at a museum with the venue’s entire floor appearing on a two-page spread, each page illuminating various interesting sights. No refolding or origami skills required! 

Maps can be printed on a variety of materials – and we have experience with what works best based on your needs and objectives.

If you have questions about choosing the right paper, be sure to visit the this blog explaining paper stocks and their impact on your project. 

Printed maps have a multitude of purposes. Whether it’s directing customers to new services, new venues or new sights, there’s another rewarding benefit. Having reached their ultimate destination, searchers achieve the reward of discovering the end goal on their own. Without the need for a personal guide or an automated voice at their side, maps give users the ability to be self-supporting. And for some, that’s the best reward. 

With over 50 years in the business, Sun Print Solutions knows a thing or two about how to make projects, including maps, a bonafide success. We offer a variety of paper choices and sizes to match your specific needs. Call us today. Our professional print experts are standing by to assist with your project. 

If you can dream it, we can map it for you.

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