Latest Trends in the Packaging World

At Sun Print Solutions, we’re proud to serve as your go-to packaging experts. From the highest quality digital packaging printing around to kitting, fulfillment and more, our packaging services include assisting you from start to finish for all your shipping needs.

As experienced experts in this field, we’re always abreast of the latest trends in digital and packaging printing and shipping areas. This is a rapidly evolving space, with online services and major advances in digital technology changing the way the landscape looks on what feels like a yearly basis. With that in mind, let’s go over a few of the current trends you can find in the packaging world.

latest trends packaging

Multiple Integrated Levels

In the past, it may have been possible for many businesses to view packaging as a fairly narrow part of operations. The packaging printer mostly just produced simple, straightforward labels, and the entire field of packaging and shipping was somewhat compartmentalized.

Today, this isn’t possible for businesses looking to truly stand apart from the competition. Packaging has expanded into a vast world that includes a huge range of products, including shrink sleeves, tamper-evident technologies, advances in retail boxes and the advent of standup pouches. Just-in-time delivery is all the rage, and businesses need to offer advanced printing and packaging services to meet these needs.

Rather than viewing packaging as its own area, it needs to be integrated with other important components of the business. A mistake in packaging could trickle down to several other areas.

Environmental Awareness

There’s been a push toward recyclable materials within the packaging world for some time now, but it’s really intensified over the last five years or so. Many businesses are moving beyond just recyclable materials and looking to those that are certified bio-degradable, or even compostable in certain situations. There’s a big rise in the desire for this sort of packaging that’s both environmentally conscious and functional. As this becomes a mainstream thing, ensuring you have good processes in place that don’t push your overhead to unsafe levels is very important.

Innovation and Technical Advances

The packaging industry is massive in North America, approaching the $200 billion yearly level. Some of the quickest growing areas here are those that relate to technological advances – anti-counterfeit solutions, tamper-proof shrink sleeves, security pouches and other related technologies are making huge waves in the industry. These areas require some specific expertise and know-how, and it’s become extremely important for front-facing businesses to ensure they have the right staff to manage these areas.

For more on the current trends in packaging, or to learn about any of our digital or direct mail printing services, speak to the pros at Sun Print Solutions today.

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