Important Qualities of Variable Data Printing

At Sun Print Solutions, the answer we give when customers ask what their most effective and cost-friendly way is to produce a high-quality short printing run is our digital printing services. Perfect for a huge variety of needs and images, our digital printing formats can be used on virtually any surface you can conceive of. And what truly sets us apart in this field is our ability to produce using what’s known as variable data printing. Also called variable information printing, this is a format where the elements of your printing can be changed from one piece to the next – but all without slowing down or stopping the process whatsoever. This kind of personalization is incredibly valuable to many businesses; let’s go over why personalization matters, plus some of the specific benefits of using variable data printing. qualities variable data printing

The Value of Personalization

From a marketing standpoint specifically, being able to personalize branding items is massively valuable. Some of the basic bits of information to know about it include:
  • The ability to personalize marketing can reduce customer acquisition costs by large percentages, even as much as 50 percent for many businesses. In turn, it will lift revenue and increase your overall marketing spend efficiency.
  • A huge percentage of customers respond positively to personalized marketing compared to standard marketing, and that it has a larger impact on their buying decisions.
  • Nearly 100 percent of marketers agree that personalization is important for customer relationships and keeping them strong, including a rising number who will go so far as to say their customers fully expect personalized marketing and will be disappointed otherwise.

Variable Data Printing Benefits

There are a few ways variable data printing speaks to the value-add areas we listed above:
  • Raising prospects: The name of the game in marketing today is standing out from the competition, which is often heavy in many fields. One great way to do this is by commanding customers’ individual attention, both through basic themes like names and addresses and through more detailed targeting like their location, interests and previous products purchased. The ability to print 1,000 marketing pieces, each with this kind of individual information tailored on it, can go a very long way.
  • Sale conversions: And once you’ve used variable data printing to draw in potential customers, you can take the next step and convert them into finalized sales. Instead of receiving the same kinds of bland proposals or product sheets they’re used to, personalize yours to not only make you more memorable but also make their decision-making easier. This will help build a long-term relationship that includes repeat purchases.
  • Maintaining loyalty: Following sales, you can use collateral pieces to maintain the relationship you’ve begun to build. Offer customers quality add-ons or upgrades to their products, for instance, or personalize an extended warranty or discounted replacement parts. You can even send personal reminders for service or nearing expirations.
For more on how to use variable data printing to help bolster your marketing efforts, or to learn about any of our direct mail or offset printing services, contact the pros at Sun Print Solutions today.

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