How Print Can Boost Enrollment for Your Healthcare Network

At Sun Print Solutions, we offer customers a wide variety of print products to meet their specific branding needs. To answer the question of why including Print into your marketing mix will help drive enrollment, here’s an example of a recent success story.  

Success Story: Twin Oaks Senior Living

At Twin Oaks Senior Living provides residents with Assisted Living and Memory Care, offering a dedicated focus to seniors in a community-living setting. The facility provides special attention to physical, social and emotional needs by balancing high-end class and livable comfort with personalized nurse care.  

With a well-established reputation, Twin Oaks Senior Living planned to open a new facility in a new location and offer their services to the town’s residents. The challenge that the executive faced, however, was how to create awareness about their services and attract new residents into enrolment. Sun Print Solutions, with over 80 years of history in bringing brands to life, was brought in to help with the dilemma. We’re known for helping customers get personal with print – with results that put any company’s brand into the right hands. 

Since having print material in hand, business for Twin Oaks has increased 40% 

Read the Twin Oaks Spotlight

Benefits of Direct Mail for Healthcare Marketing

By sending physical pieces of marketing, such as postcards, brochures, letters and catalogs though the mail, Direct Mail can offer targeted information to prospective buyers by placing the message immediately in their hands – from simple name changes to personalized maps.

Direct Mail has become a great way to reach buyers away from their keyboards. In fact, with the use of targeted data fields, customers can specifically address audiences with filters such as:   

  • Distance from business
  • Current household income
  • New movers to the area
  • Specific locations or zip codes

State of Direct Mail in Healthcare Marketing

In the 2023 State of Direct Mail report, Lob and Comperemedia indicated that in the Healthcare market, 65% of survey respondents indicated Direct Mail provided better ROI (Return on Investment) over digital.  

Download the Lob and Comperemedia 2023 State of Direct Mail Report

According to the Lob report, 74% of marketers surveyed indicated that Direct Mail delivers the best ROI of any channel used for their communication efforts. 

Enhanced Effectiveness with Trackable QR Codes

Direct Mail can have enhanced effectiveness when deployed with trackable QR codes that point recipients back online. QR Codes are easier than ever to create, provide you with valuable data and insights, and help more clients engage with your brand, products, and offers. 

Download 10 ways to use QR Codes for Healthcare Enrollment

Choosing the Right Communications Provider

When it’s time to boost enrolment for your healthcare establishment, choose a communications provider who: 

  • Understands the true value of your brand
  • Helps you generate leads with a more personal solution
  • Puts your brand in your customers’ hands
  • Ensures your brand is accurately represented (including colors, fonts, and other company features)

At Sun Print Solutions, we offer a personalized approach that you haven’t seen before. The result not only increases the perceived value of your brand, but also helps trigger a faster reaction. Customers choose us first for tackling complex jobs, making them easy, and getting them right every time.  

If you can dream it. We can print it.

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