Getting Personal with Print


What is variable data printing? It’s all about getting personal.  

Basically, it is customizing each piece of printed material with unique text, graphics and images that change from one printed piece to the next within the same press run. It is a way to target a specific audience that you think will purchase your product or service and reach out to then in a very personal way.  A Linksys study found that “59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on purchasing.” This means more than simple name changes; it can mean changing multiple text blocks and images in one piece and as far as adding individual maps on each direct mail, directing the user to your store or to the voting booth.  

Variable printing allows brands to hyper personalize their printed messaging in a very cost effective and strategic way. Personalized print can improve ROI on your marketing campaigns and promote a strong presence of your brand.   

Transpromo: Incorporate color marketing messaging within bills and statements to improve connection to and response from customers and enhance the value of your brand. The value of print is that it drives customer engagement through highly personalized and highly targeted direct mail that is relevant and engaging. 

Using Posts Cards as Marketing Pieces: A postcard has the ability to target your audience with a clear and concise message presented in an oversized piece that immediately grabs attention. A quality postcard is nearly impossible to ignore–a person does not need to open it; they are immediately attracted to bright colorful images and a powerful message. Once you have their attention, a clear and concise call to action tells your prospective customer what to do (scan a code, clip a coupon, make a call). A postcard puts your brand in front of exactly those people you want as customers and tells them how you can be of service to them. 


Have an eCommerce product? The experience of your brand does not end with an online shopping cart. When the box arrives in the mail, how do you want your brand to be perceived, reviewed? This is where print comes in. Custom product packaging plays an important role in maintaining a consistent brand experience offline. Shipping boxes can be printed with your logo. A less expensive option is labels that you attach to boxes.   

Consider branding on your packing slips, instruction sheets, coupons, a ‘thank you’ insert card with a QR code to re-engage new customers and send them back to your site for more purchases. Infuse the ‘unboxing’ experience with your brand.   

Convey your brand’s commitment to sustainability using recycled paper by printing this message on your packaging. For example, print the recycled graphic symbol on secondary packaging and connect it with your brand. Let customers know if your product is recyclable, reusable or refillable. Include printed messaging on how to recycle your product.   

These “phygital” approaches enable brands of all sizes to bridge the physical-digital gap and engage customers with an experience that transcends platforms, devices and location.    

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