Font Options and Importance for Printed Materials

Within any kind of printed material, whether for promotional purposes or any other need, text font is an important consideration. It’s one of the first things we think about when producing any kind of text, and while it may seem like a relatively simple area, there’s probably more to it than you might have thought.

At Sun Print Solutions, we’re happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about text areas for any of our digital printing or direct mail services. Particularly if you’re in any kind of marketing sphere, making your materials reader-friendly ties back to font in several important ways. Let’s look at some information on why font is so important, plus a few of the most common font types you’ll find and what they’re frequently used for.

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Why Fonts Matter

  • Attention and engagement: Choosing the proper font can go an incredibly long way when it comes to engaging an audience and holding their attention. The right lively font can bring energy to an otherwise mundane printed piece, keeping readers interested.
  • Communication: Once you have the attention of a given audience, the right font can be a huge help in communicating the right pieces of information – in the right tone and with a reader-friendly approach.
  • Informational “hierarchy:” This refers to varying up text or font areas to help differentiate various sections of a printed material, making it more accessible and easier to read.
  • Emotion: You may not think it, but print fonts have several subtle, subconscious impacts on the way messages are read and received. They can spark emotions that impact purchasing decisions in many cases.
  • Eye fatigue issues: Boring fonts can lead to the eyes becoming fatigued and wanting to look elsewhere, but strong fonts keep them engaged.
  • Brand consistency: Finally, many brands have gone to great lengths to become synonymous with a certain font type. This approach can help you standardize numerous marketing materials and make your branding more consistent across all platforms.

Common Font Types

There are a virtually limitless number of font options out there today, and they all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a sampling of a few of the very most common, plus their standard uses:

  • Script: Script fonts are a family that use various curls, swirls and other designs to mimic calligraphy and similar themes. Script is considered elegant and aesthetically pleasing – it’s great for titles and similar areas, but is used less often for large text chunks because it’s a bit too fancy.
  • Serif: Serif has a projection at the end of each stroke, and is perhaps the single most-used font in the modern world. One well-known example of a Serif font is Times New Roman, which is known as an authoritative, professional font.
  • Sans Serif: Sans Serif fonts lack these same projections at the end of each stroke, bringing a bit more of a modern look to text. Many present-day companies lean on Sans Serif variations for all their marketing materials.

For more on why font is so important when printing materials, or to learn about any of our digital printing, offset printing or other capabilities, speak to the staff at Sun Print Solutions today.

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