Direct Mail Printing for Fundraising

Direct mail printing is one of the most effective fundraising tools available today. Nonprofit organizations, community groups, churches, schools, political campaigns – virtually anyone who needs to raise money for any purpose can leverage this affordable and highly effective tool. DIRECT MAIL for FUNDRAISING And, when you work with a local printing company that offers direct mail printing services, you won’t have to invest your valuable time addressing or stuffing envelopes, affixing postage, etc.

Why Should You Use Direct Mail Printing for Fundraising?

Fundraisers use direct mail to solicit donations because it works. In fact, for many groups, this approach works significantly better than any other method of fundraising. In fact, compared to electronic fundraising platforms (e.g., email), direct mail printing garners approximately 10 times more responses than email. You can target your recipients, to ensure that every person or business who receives your mailing is a highly qualified target. And, because you can customize each mailer specifically for the recipient, the response rate will be significantly higher than it would be for any type of mass mailing – especially if you print your mailers in color. This approach is also easier and significantly less time-consuming than other approaches, if you team up with a local printing company to do the direct mail printing.

How Does Direct Mail Printing Work?

Your direct mail printer can be a one-stop-shop, providing all the services necessary for getting your mailer out. If you need help designing your direct mail piece, your printing company can assist you. Whether you want to send out personalized letters or flat cards (like a large postcard) you need only to provide the necessary details, logos and any copy you want to include. Using your design and recipient list, the printer will produce the mailers, complete with postage, and send them out for you. The entire process is quick, easy and effective.

Choosing the Right Targets for Direct Mail Fundraising Campaigns

Depending on the purpose of your fundraising mailer, you can send it to an existing list of your past donors (known as a “house file”) or, to identify new donor prospects, you can purchase mailing lists using specific criteria. For example, you may choose a list that contains all the addresses in a certain zip code or geographical area where the household income exceeds a certain dollar amount. List brokers can help you choose the right targets. With an endless variety of “big data” available, you can create highly sophisticated, targeted lists. Does a large percentage of your past donors subscribe to a certain magazine, or do they belong to a certain club? Or maybe you want to mail only to alumni of a specific school or individuals who have lost a family member to a certain disease. Whatever your needs are, choosing the right list is only a part of the battle. Choose the right printing company and the right mailer design and you can’t help but be successful. In Utah, Sun Print Solutions works with groups of all types to help them meet their donation goals. Contact us today to learn more about using direct mail printing for fundraising.

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