Digital Printing Solutions: Marketing with EDDM Postcards

Digital printing technology provides a simple and cost-effective marketing solution that can be a game changer for any business: EDDM postcards. Marketing with EDDM Postcards EDDM is the Every Door Direct Mail® program offered by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). When your digital printing company teams up with the USPS to get the word out about your business, you can rest assured the phones will start ringing.

What Is EDDM?

EDDM is the Postal Service’s targeted advertising program that allows businesses to map the precise location of a direct mail campaign. But EDDM is much more. Once you select the specific area of your choice, you can narrow your targets by age, income and household size. Arguably, the best part about EDDM is its affordability. The base rate is less than 18 cents postage per address for mailing, but bulk discounts can make the rate as low 16 cents per piece.

Why Digital Printing EDDM Campaigns Are Hot – and Effective – Today

Just a few years ago, direct mail advertising was dead. Consumers threw away mailers before giving them a glance, favoring the ease of email. Soon, however, our inboxes began overflowing with advertising we didn’t want – what we now call spam. Today, almost 80 percent of consumers will act on direct mail immediately. Compare that to the (if you’re lucky) 3 percent of consumers who will even open an email, let alone act on it, and you can see why direct mail makes sense. Because the USPS has worked hard to make direct mail accessible for all businesses, EDDM is a highly effective – and highly cost effective – approach to marketing.

How Does Digital Printing EDDM Work?

The most exciting part of the EDDM tool – besides how inexpensive it is – is how little effort it takes, when you work with a full service printer like Sun Print Solutions. You start by designing your mailer – or letting our graphic design team design it for you. Then you choose your target recipients. And that’s it. Our digital printing techs work their computer magic, using your art and the digital data provided by USPS. Once your postcards print, they’re ready to go. No applying stamps, no crooked or cheesy-looking mailing labels. Just professional mailers designed to get your business notices. Sun Print Solutions is full-service certified with USPS and we can offer our clients even greater savings with our full-service postage rates. We even have an easy-to-use tracking interface that lets you watch your mailers as they flow through the delivery system. Sun Print Solutions serves customers throughout the U.S., with digital and offset printing services, direct mail and packaging printing. We have direct mail solutions scaled to every business size, type and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how digital printing and EDDM can help you build your business.

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