Digital Printing on Demand

The advent of digital printing on demand (print-on-demand, POD) revolutionized the publishing industry, but it has also been a game-changer for businesses. Based on the just-in-time philosophy – a strategy to improve efficiency and decrease waste – POD allows you to work with your digital printing company to optimize their response to your printing needs. Digital Printing on Demand Digital print on demand is a strategy that almost every company can leverage, in one way or another, to manage inventory, storage needs and cash flow.

What Is Digital Printing on Demand?

To better understand POD, imagine you’ve written the great American novel but, unfortunately, you can’t convince a publisher to take you on. So, you decide to self-publish your book. The offset printing company you call says you can print 1,000 copies for $5,000 but printing a smaller run will cost you about the same. First of all, you don’t have $5,000 lying around, especially since you haven’t sold any books yet. Second, where are you going to store 1,000 books?? If you take the POD route, however, you can request a run of 10 books and then, as you sell more, you can order them – one at a time, if you want to – and pay only for what you need. As for cost, you will probably pay a little more per-copy using a POD strategy (but not that much more), but you won’t have to tie up all of your cash flow up-front.

Digital Printing on Demand & Fulfillment

Sun Print Solutions can combine our POD and fulfillment services to save you even more time and money. Let’s look at another example. Let’s say your company employs sales reps across the U.S. Your new hire packet includes your company’s policies and procedures manual, training materials and a bunch of standard forms. Do you print a dozen of each of these things (or a hundred) and, whenever you hire someone new, you collect all the parts and pieces, find a shipping box and head to the UPS store to send it off? Or do you make one quick phone call to us (or drop us an email), with the name and address of your newest hire, and move on to the next item on your to-do list? And, when you update your company manual, you won’t be stuck with a dozen outdated copies.

How Can Digital Printing on Demand Help Your Business?

The two examples above illustrate how powerful digital POD can be for any business. Whether you use catalogs, brochures, manuals, specifications or other print artifacts, you can leverage POD to your advantage. This strategy also helps you manage cash flow. You’ll know in advance how much each print run costs, and that per-unit cost won’t change if you place a demand order for one or one hundred. Sun Print Solutions has many more strategies to help you improve your company’s efficiency as well as your image. We pride ourselves on making you look good. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to request a price quote on digital printing on demand.

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