Digital Printing Comes Alive with Interactive Technology

Today, digital printing no longer limits your marketing message to the two-dimensional space of paper or cardstock, In fact, you can take your flyers, posters and signs into the realm of 3D and even augmented reality (AR), depending on what you want to achieve. This technology is perfect for point-of-sale displays in brick-and-mortar stores, outdoor markets and pop-ups. For your tradeshow and conference needs, you can transform the entire experience for your prospects and customers. digital printing interactive

What Is Interactive Digital Printing?

Interactive displays begin with plain, everyday digital printing. To create the interactive features, you simply incorporate specialized elements into the design. The most common way to achieve this is to include a QR (quick reference) code. Prospects scan the code with an app on their phone and it takes them wherever you’d like them to go. That might be a landing page, an order form or an online catalog. Maybe it plays them a video or virtual tour. Wherever you want to take your prospects to help them make a buying decision, you can. Depending on your needs and budget, you can even make your printing interactive. By incorporating electronic components beneath the surface, your prospects can interact in ways bound only by your imagination.

What Are the Benefits of Interactive Printing?

When interactive technologies first emerged, they quickly gained popularity simply because they were novel and unlike anything consumers had seen before. Unfortunately, prospects often become so engrossed in the novelty of the technology that they lost interest in the product itself. Today, as consumers have become more familiar with AR and interactive environments, businesses can now use this technology to do more – a lot more. Imagine one or two elegant posters displayed at your tradeshow booth being capable of showing prospects every benefit of your service or all the features of your newly launched product. Previously, it might have taken an entire printed brochure or a 10-minute product demonstration to convey the same information. And, because they will get to see and explore for themselves, your prospects are much more likely to engage with and remember your business – and your products or services.

How to Incorporate Interactive Digital Printing into Your Business

To make the most effective use of interactive digital printing, think about your goals for engaging prospects and customers. If you’re doing digital printing for a trade show booth, what information might you be unable to convey yourself, should you have a large crowd? If you’re setting up a point-of-sale display, what information would you like to reinforce to shoppers passing by? Once you determine your goals, imagine how best to get the point across. Do you want to take them to your website? If so, a QR code might be helpful. Do you want to take them on a virtual tour? If so, incorporate a link to a video or 360-animation. Do you want them to hear a sample of your new song? Add technology to the printed page that allows them to play a snippet. Whatever you can envision, digital printing can bring it to life with interactive functionality. At Sun Print Solutions, we are committed to helping our customers make the most of our offset and digital printing services. We can show you how to step into the future to improve your business outcomes, using advanced technology. Contact us today to learn more, or to request a customized quote for your offset or digital printing project.

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