Digital Printing and the Power of Color

Digital printing offers a variety of advantages, including quick turnaround and affordable cost, especially when you don’t need a large quantity. When you design your documents with color, you can enjoy even more advantages. Pigment has the ability to influence our emotions, cognitive function and even our purchasing decisions. digital printing colorful rose So why should you be doing all of your digital printing in color? Here’s why.

The Power of Color in Digital Printing

Color exerts much more power over the human psyche than you probably ever realized, and actually affects how the brain functions. Research from the pigment experts at the Pantone Institute tells us that color increases brand recognition by almost 90 percent. A reader looking at a color document is almost 80 percent more likely to remember information printed in color, versus information printed in black. People will spend 80 percent more time reading a color document and their understanding of the what they read will be 80 percent higher. Today, researchers in both the science and psychology fields have identified countless human responses to color – many of which might astound you. For example, did you know that looking at certain shades can affect your blood pressure and your hormone levels? Looking at one certain hue (red) actually increases men’s attraction to women. Most important, 65 percent of purchasing decisions involve color.  So why wouldn’t you use this powerful influencer in your all of your digital and offset printing?

What Is the Cost of Using Color in Digital Printing?

The specific cost for any digital or offset printing job depends on the quantity you need, the medium you wish to print on, etc. But you can compare the return on investment (ROI) of color printing versus black and white printing. A well-known study, generally known as the Broudy/Romano study, compared the response rate of consumers to printed materials that were black-and-white versus color and static versus personalized. Overwhelmingly, using color and personalization in any type of promotional material will significantly increase response rates. Compared to a static, black-and-white mailing, a mailing that was printed in color and personalized (with the recipient’s name and a personal message) increased the customer response rate by 500 percent. A static color piece (no personalization) still increased the response rate by 45 percent. With digital technology, color printing is only negligibly more expensive than black and white. The customer response rate alone is more than enough to justify adding a few hues to printed materials.

How Can You Enhance Your Digital Printing?

You probably already use color in your letterhead, business cards and company brochures. If you are only using black and white in your direct mail and other promotional materials, you’re costing yourself business. But how about some other, creative ways to improve your digital printing? Use color in your invoices or customer billings for faster payments. Use it too for printing training documents and company manuals, if you really want your employees to read and remember the information. Financial reports – even those you use in-house – are more effective when not rendered in black and white. How can you use digital printing to enhance your business’s operations and bottom line? Sun Print Solutions can help. We are based in Utah but we provide digital and offset printing services to businesses everywhere. Our services include direct mail, kitting and packaging design and printing. Contact us today to learn more about how effective color digital printing can be for your business.

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