Custom Sticker Printing

Stickers are one of the most common printed products that we produce at Sun Print Solutions.

Our customers can order custom stickers for their business, political or personal needs. The possibilities are endless. Our print shop is capable of printing in bulk or smaller orders. We can print black and white, color or even with some special effects. Depending on how you’ll be using your stickers, there are lots of styles, materials and design options to choose from. Our team is ready to answer any question you may have and help design and print eye-catching custom stickers for your brand, product or campaign.


Die Cut Stickers

Die cut refers to the style of cutting the edges of a sticker around the printed graphic so that the sticker itself has a custom shape or outline. Die cut stickers are a great way to help your logo or graphic stand out and emphasize anything distinct about the printed image.

At Sun Print Solutions, our state-of-the-art machines allow for fasts production of premium quality prints while executing a clean cut on each sticker. Once they have been cut and printed, all you need to do is peel them off the backing paper and stick to a clean surface.

Vinyl Stickers vs. Paper Stickers

While vinyl stickers and paper stickers may look the same, the difference in material produces some distinct differences in durability.

Paper stickers do not hold up as well in the weather or when experiencing frequent touching. Regular paper is best suited for indoor use, or for stickers that don’t need to last very long.

Vinyl stickers, on the other hand, are much more durable. They are much more difficult to tear than paper stickers, and they can endure weather, touching and the effects of time a lot better. The vinyl material is a bit thicker than paper, and can be gently washed when it gets dirty. For these reasons, custom vinyl stickers work well for outdoor advertising or materials that need to look good long-term while undergoing the general wear-and-tear of being moved around.

Some common places to apply vinyl stickers are windows, vehicles, laptops, large walls and even the floor.

Paper stickers are generally less expensive to print than vinyl. Our team at Sun Print Solutions can provide a specific estimate for your order.

Transfer Sticker Decals

For stickers with no background behind the graphic, you’ll want to go with transfer stickers, often referred to as “decals”. This sticker type is created by printing the graphic on vinyl and then using a machine to cut out and remove all the background material. This method keeps the individual elements of the sticker in their proper position relative to the other parts without being attached.

Transfer sticker decals are often used as window stickers, which stay in place more reliably than window clings. They are a great way to display more intricate graphics in a way that incorporates the background of the surface on which it is applied.

After transfer stickers are printed, each copy is prepared with a protective transfer tape, which holds each element of the total sticker design in its place. When it comes time to transfer the sticker to your chosen surface, the sticker sections are placed directly to the surface on the adhesive side, while the transfer tape is carefully peeled off and discarded.

Personalized Sticker Design

You can get pretty creative when designing stickers. Our team at Sun Print Solutions is here to help make it happen. We produce personalized stickers for a variety of industries and use cases, both professional and personal.

Photo Stickers

Photo stickers are a creative way to display pictures for events, keepsakes or visual campaigns. Print your professional, personal or family photos as adhesives to be used in presentations, scrapbooking or any other creative projects you have in mind. We print clear, high-quality photo stickers of all sizes.

Political Stickers

As a proud union printing company, we have years of experience mass-producing political materials for our customers, including political stickers. Let us help get your message out there with professional, eye-catching campaign stickers or other political adhesives. No order is too big for Sun Print Solutions.


Printed stickers are a popular way to label products and packaging. Whether your label is full of information and instructions or just a logo and tagline, it’s easy to place it on any surface as a sticker. It’s especially effective when dealing with a surface that you can’t easily print on directly.

One common use of sticker labels is premade return-address stickers for envelopes and packages.

Holographic Stickers

For an extra special sticker that stands out on any surface, try out a holographic sticker. These stickers are printed with a special reflective finish that gives your image or message a bright, multi-colored hologram-effect when viewed from different angles.

Reflective and holographic stickers can help build a brand if designed well. And if nothing else, they sure do look cool!

Monogram Stickers

Monogram stickers are a popular way to showcase initials and logos. They’re simple designs with lots of potential uses. Brands that do a lot of trade shows and product demonstrations often keep a supply of monogram stickers on hand for easy application to a wide variety of packages, handouts and other materials.

Sun Print Solutions can be your on-demand print shop for mass-producing stickers of all kinds at a great rate.  

Why Order Custom Stickers From Sun Print Solutions?

Save designs, fast production, high quality

Sun Print Solutions has many years of experience producing professional-quality adhesive orders both big and small, for professional and personal use. Production is fast and the quality is the best you’ll find anywhere in the country.

Sun Print Solutions is especially well-suited to serve as an on-demand printer since we make sure to save the dies for the custom orders we receive. That means that once we’ve designed a die and printed a custom sticker style for you, we can go back and print new orders of the same design even quicker than the first time, over and over again.

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Sticker Printing FAQs

What is the difference between a sticker and a decal?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, decals are a type of sticker that is transferred from a paper to a surface. Usually decals are used for larger sticker prints, often brand messaging or logos.

The term “stickers” includes decals, but also refers to simple peel-and-stick adhesives. So while decals are stickers, not all stickers are decals. But don’t get too hung up on the specific terms! Our team at Sun Print Solutions will make sure you get the right adhesive for your needs.

What Do I Need In Order to Submit a Custom Sticker Order?

Check our our list of helpful tips for designing custom stickers. Our team at Sun Print Solutions is happy to help you plan your stickers to meet your needs.