Why Brands Should Consider Custom Boxes for Corporate Gift Giving

Each year, networking galas bring together top influencers and creators from various platforms. With the internet’s crème de la crème often in attendance, these events are a golden chance for businesses to connect directly, without the typical distractions of speeches or numerous competing brands. One such event featured a “Black Pearl” theme, which took inspiration from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It featured upscale decor, two life-sized pirate ships, and exceptional catering.  

Event organizers are very selective about the brands they invite to participate; goals and business models must align perfectly with the purpose, integrity, and demographic of each exclusive event. Sun Print was honored to have been chosen to showcase unique ways we bring brands to life – with print!  

We challenged our custom packaging design team to create an experience that attendees would deem truly worthy of an unboxing video. We think you’ll agree that they not only hit it out of the park – they hit it out of the stratosphere with a meticulously designed, pirate-themed Look Box for the occasion. Each element, from the intricate infinity fold brochure to the captivating, branded Rubik’s cube and the delightful miniature treasure chest, was thoughtfully crafted to tell a story and create an unboxing experience par excellence. 

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special occasion, show appreciation to clients, partners, your workforce or anyone who would want to receive a ‘thank you’ with a one-of-a-kind gift box. 

Combine corporate gift giving with custom packaging to really impress your customers and create an experience worthy of unboxing. 

If you’re a brand owner and you’re looking for ways to attract customers plus build your company’s value, consider telling your story with an Interactive Look Box featuring your logo, corporate message, and collateral. 

Why Choose Custom Packaging? 

  • Capture Attention: 90,000 people search ‘unboxing’ on YouTube monthly. Be their next hit! 
  • Lasting Impressions: A personalized box isn’t just a box—it’s a memory. 
  • Affordable: Premium packaging is now within reach. 

Examples That Wow

  • Specialty boxes with treats at conventions. 
  • Sample kits for health/beauty brands. 
  • Exclusive coupons for automotive services. 

How to Create an Unboxing Experience

  • Make it interactive: Use QR codes to transform your Look Box into a dynamic, high-value, measurable engagement tool.  
  • Make it personal:  Provide a unique, immersive experience and instantaneous access to product videos, promotions, surveys, subscriptions and loyalty programs, warranty signups and more.   
  • Make it memorable: Feature touch-worthy embellishments, unique shapes, creative copywriting and interactive elements. 

Engage the senses and transform your corporate gift-giving into measurable, interactive experiences.

Not Just for Commercial Brands

  • Government Agencies & Non-Profits: Offer a custom box with a message of gratitude alongside valuable samples and resources. 
  • Real Estate Agents: Provide boxes bursting with local neighborhood info and business samples. 
  • Home Service Experts: Brand your box to act as a service reminder, incorporating QR codes for special offers. 

Your Treasure Awaits

In the current age where personal touch and storytelling can make or break a brand’s relationship with its customers, the power of a custom-designed gift box cannot be understated.  

However, it’s not just about the box itself; it’s about the conversations, the behind-the-scenes stories, and the hard work that went into designing each element. For those who are intrigued by our pirate-themed Look Box and want a deeper dive into its conception and design, we invite you to have a one-on-one conversation with a Sun Print custom packaging expert. They are eager to answer any questions about how the Look Box was designed, how we chose specific elements to include, and the journey of creating each unique item. It’s an open invitation to peek behind the curtain and perhaps, to inspire your own brand’s next big packaging idea. 

Remember, in today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s the tangible, personal touches that resonate the most. Let Sun Print Solutions be the guide to your brand’s next memorable moment. Contact us today.  

Unbox Your Own Treasure Chest – Get a Sun Print Look Box (while supplies last)

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