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A Union Printing Company

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As the only union printing company in Utah officially licensed to print the union label of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Sun Print Solutions is proud of our nearly 80-year heritage.

From the day we opened our doors to offer what was then newfangled offset printing technology, we have been obsessed with quality for our customers and an exceptional work experience for our employees.

Nearly 80 years, we are proud to have these ideals guiding us in all that we do.

What Does the Union Printing Company Label Mean?

The Graphic Communications Conference (GCC) represents more than 60,000 men and women who work in the printing and publishing industry.

GCC members spend their days in dedication to digital and offset printing, desktop publishing and electronic color prepress. Members include journalists, typesetters, graphic artists and support staff members of all kinds. They perform custom packaging and direct digital mailing services. They operate all kinds of specialty presses, including silkscreen, letterpress and rotogravure. They do finishing, binding and shipping.

At Sun Print Solutions, we are incredibly proud that 100 percent of our production employees are members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The Benefits of a Union Printing Company

A union printing company offers you quality and consistency. When you see the GCC/IBT label, you can have total confidence that you are buying American. And you know that our employees enjoy the security of basic benefits.

A union printing company is committed to providing fair wages and benefits and the flexibility for our employees to meet their family obligations without fear of reprisal at work. They come to work every day knowing they will be treated with respect and valued as critical members of the company. They know their workplace will be safe and they will have all the tools and equipment necessary to do a good job for you.

Union employees have a voice in the products we produce and they are dedicated to improving what we do — for them, for the company and for you, our client.

How Can a Union Printing Company Help You?

When you see the GCC union printing company label, you can rest assured that every job we do for you is done with quality. You can also rest assured that your money is going to an American company, to boost your community’s economy.

But, most of all, the union label means respect, transparency and a sustainable business model. As worker protections and benefits continue to be stripped from nonunion employees, our team has the peace of mind that comes from a secure financial future.

And that frees their minds to focus on producing the consistently high-quality offset and digital printing products you expect from a union printing company like Sun Print Solutions.


Our clients are always número uno in everything we do. We’re committed to giving you a five-star experience five out of five times.


You don’t want your printer to do a so-so job, and that’s good, because we never do things halfway. Expect only the best quality in your print, fulfillment and packaging projects—then prepare to bowl buyers over.


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