Commercial Printing

While print shops of all sizes can print a similar range of products and printing styles, commercial printing companies are a special type of business dedicated to providing printing services to professional clients. Keep reading to learn more about what commercial printing is and if a commercial printing partner like Sun Print Solutions is right for your business or organization.

Close up of an offset printing machine during production

What is Commercial Printing?

To put it simply, commercial printing is printing done for commercial use. Flyers and brochures, direct mail pieces, branded envelopes, instructional booklets, custom packaging, and other materials that are mass produced and used in business fall under the commercial printing category.

While businesses might seek commercial printing services for one-off projects or smaller orders, it’s typical for large brands and organizations to partner with a commercial print shop for the fulfillment of all of their printing needs. Commercial printing companies like Sun Print Solutions have the bandwidth and expertise to regularly produce large runs of custom prints in multiple print styles and for interconnected business purposes. 

Types of Commercial Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a common style of commercial printing using laser or inkjet technology. Digital is often the best method for prints that involve mass personalization, such as direct mail pieces or transactional statements.

Offset Printing / Lithography

For precise colors and large orders of a single, consistent print, offset printing can be a great printing style. Offset printing can be done with a variety of paper and ink types. Commercial uses include newspapers, books, fine art, and stationary. 

The tools used to produce offset printing is also referred to as lithographic printing.


When you have a great product to sell or piece of promotional marketing to deliver, you have to make it stand out and reflect your brand. Packaging is another important type of printing you can get from a full-service commercial printing company. At Sun Print Solutions, our team handles everything from the printing to the cutting and folding of your branded boxes, cartons or other package types.

Direct Mail Printing

A popular type of commercial printing is direct mail. Once you have a marketing plan and message for your target audience, you need to get your mailers printed, addressed, and sent out. Sun Print Solutions serves as a one-stop-shop for brands looking to run multiple direct mail campaigns with prints that catch people’s eyes and convert.

Machinery and printing processes in a modern printing house.

Why Use a Commercial Printing Company?

If you do a lot of printing for your business or organization, you want a printing partner who knows your brand, has your files ready to go, and gets things done quickly and efficiently. A commercial printing company can save you lots of time and headaches. Here are a few other reasons many businesses partner with commercial printers like Sun Print Solutions.

Print-On Demand

For products like direct mail pieces, labels, or billing statements that need to be produced regularly, having an ongoing relationship with a commercial print shop allows you to benefit from print-on demand services. Files and designs are kept so that all you need to do is say the word and more prints start heading out the door. 

Mass Production

The printers and staff at a commercial printing location are set up for large orders produced quickly. While Sun Print Solutions is able to fulfill on smaller orders, our bread and butter is mass production of commercial prints and packaging. Not only can we produce huge quantities relatively quickly, but we also have the machines and systems to do so at a great cost-per-unit.

Holistic Printing Services

Many commercial printing providers are used to helping clients beyond putting ink to paper. A good printing partner will also help with steps like fine-tuning your designs, mailing printed materials, and kitting related items.

Other Commercial Printing Services at Sun Print Solutions

At Sun Print Solutions, we have been working for over 80 years to be the best commercial printing partner and one-stop shop anywhere in the country. Besides providing a variety of professional printing services, here are some of the other services available to our commercial printing clients.

Kitting and Fulfillment

We’ll take care of everything from printing designs to sending items where they need to be. Many of our clients who do packaging or sending things through the mail rely on Sun Print Solutions for kitting and fulfillment.

Direct Mail Printing

We can use any address lists you already have or we can help you generate new lists. Once we have a complete set of addresses and your strategic marketing messaging or brand communication, you can breathe easy as our team of pros gets your mailers where they need to be, quickly and efficiently. 

Custom Printing

If you have a unique or highly-customized product you need printed, Sun Print Solutions can produce it for you. 

We’ve done everything from holographic foil and multi-angled cutouts to textured flyers and french fold brochures. Bring it on and let’s make it happen!

Get a Commercial Printing Quote from Sun Print Solutions

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