Choosing a New Printing Company? Ask These 3 Questions

If you’re in the market for a new printing company, prepare to be overwhelmed with options. It can be hard to make a choice, when most litho companies offer essentially the same services. The prices may vary a little from company to company; however, even pricing should remain fairly consistent across the board. printing company To make this arduous task a little easier, try asking these three questions before choosing a printing company for your organization.

No. 1: What Services Does Your Printing Company Outsource?

You know the old saying that goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself?” That adage may have been written specifically about the offset printing and lithography industry. Many printing companies outsource some portions of their work – folding, finishing, fulfillment, etc. – to other firms. One reason that a printing company might outsource involves not having the capital to purchase expensive machinery or add extra staff to handle some tasks. They may not have the space in their facility, or perhaps they lack the expertise. Whatever the reason, ask the question because, if anything is being sent out to another company, you’re hiring that company too. Too many hands in your print jobs and you lose the ability to hold someone accountable.

No. 2: What Are Your Environmental Policies & Certifications?

Although most every printing company in business today claims to be “green,” not all litho companies can back it up with environmental certifications and in-house initiatives. Specifically, look for printing companies that have forest management certifications, such as those from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® or the Forest Stewardship Council®. Ask if you will have the option of choosing recycled paper or eco-friendly ink for your print jobs. Finally, ask what environmentally conscious steps the printing company takes in their own facility, and in their production and printing processes. Paper and printing processes are not inherently bad for the environment – they can actually be beneficial to the environment – but the onus is on the lithographer to take responsibility for their own carbon footprint.

No. 3: Will I Be “Just Another Customer?”

You might believe that truly personalized service can only be obtained from small “mom and pop” type printing companies – but that’s not the case. Even a large printing company can provide exceptional customer service; but, unfortunately, not all of them do. Ask your prospective offset printer how they view their customers. Will they take your order and produce what you’ve asked for, no questions asked? Or will they take the time to know you and your business well enough to suggest other options? Will they care whether you see a positive return on your investment with them? If a company isn’t vociferously committed to the success of its customers, keep looking. Here at Sun Print Solutions, we are exceedingly proud of our 75-year history of excellence. We are committed to excellence; we are unwavering in our commitment to the environment; and, most of all, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. If you are in search of a printing company, you need look no further than the dedicated team at Sun Print Solutions.

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