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Digital Printing – Spinning DPI into ROI

Digital printing is, hands down, the fastest, most effective and most economical way to produce a short print run.

The advent of digital technology allowed us to become significantly more responsive to our clients’ needs, with faster turnaround, a greater flexibility with printing surfaces and the ability to produce runs more economically.

No doubt about it, printing with digital technology provides an impressive return on investment for our customers.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a little like the printer you may have at home or the office.

We start with a digital image on the computer, which may be the artwork you send us that we produced for you. That image is digitally transmitted to a large, professional printer. Professional printing equipment produces a high-volume output and allows us to print on large-format paper and other surfaces.

Just like what you have at home, these printers can use laser or inkjet technology.

Digital printers can put an image on almost any surface. We use this technology to print on metal, glass, stone, fabric or whatever your imagination can conceive.

The Benefits of Digital Printing

One of the biggest benefits of this technology is speed.

It takes time to set up an offset printing run. A digital printing job can happen almost instantly, once the medium is set to go in the printer. That makes this a true on-demand technology we can provide our digital printing customers. And although digital runs cost more per-page than offset runs, you can order a small quantity (just one, if you want), so you only pay for what you need.

Where this technology can really make a big splash for you is variable images. This means that we can run a thousand-piece job, and for each piece, change the information on it based on data input. This could be individually addressed postcards for direct mail printing, numbered tickets or personalized award certificates.

How Can Digital Printing Help You?

The sky’s the limit for how this technology can benefit your company or organization.

The ability for mass personalization opens up a world of marketing opportunities. Personalized mass mailings allow you to connect with your customers in meaningful ways, but it costs little more than running identical images. Personalization engages customers and dramatically improves response rates.

Printing in the digital format can help you with special projects and any urgent needs. It’s perfect for print-on-demand applications for large files. This technology also allows you (or us) to digitally manipulate images prior to printing.

Sun Print Solutions has been providing professional digital printing for many years. We are committed to offering a comprehensive suite of printing services for our clients. Sun Print Solutions is a union printing company and we handle virtually every facet of our work in-house. This allows us to ensure the highest-quality of work.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to get a quote and begin the conversation about how Sun Print Solutions can use digital printing technology to help you meet your goals.


Knowing the breadth of possibilities is the first step in quality printing. We will leverage the right tools in the right ways to make sure you are happy—very happy—with the results.

Know How

Our super-factory of presses, die-cutters and other gadgets and team of print-masters allow us to craft exactly what you need while meeting tight deadlines and quantity demands.


We don’t settle for equipment that will do; we want only the best. This means you will always have access to the latest and greatest in quality printing technology. Come on down to the warehouse—we’d love to show it off.