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Get fully-customized, professional brochure printing from Sun Print Solutions. Whether you need brochures for mailing, displays or handing out in person, we can make your design dreams a reality.

Our team has printed brochures for use in a variety of industries. Choose the paper, fold style and any custom elements you need in order to bring your design to life with our brochure printing service.

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an example of a corporate brochure with multiple colors

Brochure Design Tips

Brochures can be super effective at communicating information and inspiring action. Make sure to get the most out of the limited space with effective design to make your brochures stand out, communicate clearly and be memorable.

Emphasize Most Important Information

The size, color and positioning of your most important text and image content is a crucial piece of your design that you’ll need to plan out.

If all the headers or body text look the same, then the most important parts will get lost in the mix. And if everything is big and bold, then people’s eyes won’t know where to focus.

Balance out your brochure design with emphasized sections that contain the most important information or calls-to-action, supported by less-prominent body copy and visuals. 

Consider How You Will Use Your Brochures

Depending on how you plan to utilize your brochures, you may want to tweak your design

Are you going to be handing the brochures out at a convention or promotional event? You may want to keep things super simple with large visuals that will quickly communicate while standing out from other handouts people will be receiving at the event.

Are they going to be mailed with orders? Information should be catered to someone who has already demonstrated interest by ordering your product. This audience is more likely to read further into your brochure if you are advertising special deals or related products.

Will the brochures sit among others on a display rack? The front page will be especially important. What is it going to take to have your brochure be noticed among the others on display? Give people a reason to grab yours.

Closeup of hand holding Bangkok travel guide brochure

Text Font

We recommend using no more than two different fonts on a brochure. Any more than that and things start to look messy and less professional. It’s usually a good idea to use sans serif font that is easy to read for smaller text.

Font size can be flexible depending on how you design your brochure, but typically we recommend printing body copy text at least 12-point font, with captions being no smaller than 10-point font. For the main headlines, anything between 14-point and 22-point font usually works well.



Printing brochures on paper with a gloss finish will give them a shiny, sleek and professional appearance. They will feel smooth to the touch and add an extra vividness to the colors.


A matte finish looks great for less-vibrant colors and text-heavy designs. The paper will not look as shiny as a gloss finish but will still feel smooth and professional.

Special Finishes

At Sun Print Solutions, we can do a lot more than just gloss and matte finishes. Give us your wildest ideas and we can probably make it happen! We have produced professional brochures incorporating elements like foil emphasis, holographic effects, embossing / debossing and more.

Brochure template design. Set of abstract holographic geometric layout. Vector illustration collection for business, advertising.

Standard Brochure Sizes

8.5” x 14”

This is commonly known as “legal size”. Brochures of this size are popular for a variety of different use cases when you need more space than 8.5” x 11” in order to maintain space between content sections.

8.5” x 11”

Also known as “letter size”, 8.5” x 11” brochures are a standard option with enough space for most basic advertisements or information guides. Brochures of this size are common when it comes to user information when you purchase a product or service.

11” x 17”

This “tabloid size” brochure style is a more squared design. The 11” x 17” dimensions are standard for 4-panel brochures.

Other Sizes

For some use cases, you may prefer brochures of a different size than those listed here. That’s no problem! Just let us know what dimensions you need and we’ll help ensure that your design is formatted properly.

Fold Styles

2-Panel Folds


The simple bifold is a very common type of brochure style, with two sides that open up like a book. Printing can be done both the inside and outside of the brochure.

bifold brochure or magazine cover design

3-Panel Folds


The tri-fold is a 3-panel style that collapses into one panel with a main cover side. This brochure style is good for organizing the details of multiple features or pieces of information into distinct sections.

tri-fold brochure (3 panel)


The Z-fold brochure, sometimes referred to as zig-zag or fan-fold, is a 3-panel design in which the panels do not fold into one another. Instead, one edge is folded back and the other comes forward, creating a “Z” shape when positioned vertically and viewed from above.

Z-fold brochure (3 panel)

Gate Fold

Gate fold brochures are larger-sized 3-panel brochures involving 2 cover panels that open up to reveal a large center panel with two smaller side sections. Opening a gate folded brochure is like opening gate doors to reveal the imagery and information on the inside.

gate fold brochure (3 panel)

4-Panel Folds

Accordion Fold

A common 4-panel brochure style is the Accordion fold. This style takes a final print and folds each equal-sized panel section, alternating front-fold and back-fold. When fully closed, the brochure is the size of one panel, but opens up to reveal 4 panels front and back.


Mockup of opened four fold brochure at wooden background

French Fold

The French fold utilized both a vertical and a horizontal crease to create a 4-panel brochure that can be fully opened up to reveal a full-page display. When closed, the brochure cover is 1/4th the size of the fully-opened document.


French fold brochure (4 panel)

Double Gate Fold

Similar to the Gate fold, Double Gate brochures add an extra fold to create a 4-panel brochure that folds in on itself twice. When fully opened, each of the four revealed sections has the same dimensions.

double gate fold brochure (4 panel)

Roll Fold

Brochures with the Roll fold style take readers through each section as they open one panel at a time from front to back. It’s a great choice if you want to make sure that information is seen in a particular order. Each panel after the front cover is slightly smaller than the previous panel in order to have them all close into each other nicely.

demonstration of a roll fold brochure style

Double Parallel Fold

The Double Parallel fold is when a brochure is folded in half, and then in half again in the same direction. Opening this style of brochure first reveals two panels, which can then be opened again to reveal four.

example of a double parallel fold brochure

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