5 Brochure Design Tips

5 Brochure Design Tips

A well-designed brochure can have a greatest impact on improving brand awareness, perception and sales for your business or organization. The best brochures are designed with a few key elements in mind. You’ll want to consider more than just what images to use and where content should go in order to ensure your brochures are effective.

Here are four brochure design tips to keep in mind as you get your next run ready for the printers:



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Brochures for B2B Marketing

For marketing to businesses, brochure printing, design, and quality remain remarkably influential today. Even in the current digital age, a printed brochure can achieve many objectives that your website cannot. 

When prospects hold a well-designed, high-quality brochure in their hands, it makes a statement about your business that no digital marketing artifact ever could. It sends a message about who you are as a firm and what you stand for.

Tip #1: Consider How Your Brochure Will Be Used

Consider how your brochure will add value to your marketing efforts. 

Will it sit on a prospect’s desk, reminding them of how you can help them solve a problem?

Will it provide support to a client after the sale is made? 

Will it help attract top talent to your firm? Will it speak to potential investors or business development partners?

There is a different engagement that happens when someone chooses to pick up your brochure from a rack compared to when they receive it in the mail, or included in the packaging of a product they’ve already purchased. Knowing how your brochure will be used can help you hone in on a design and message that is best suited for that use case.

Trust your marketing professional to provide the design, and a professional printing company to produce the high-quality finished product.

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Paper and Fold Style

Tip #2: Choose a Professional-Quality Paper

Be sure to choose a paper or cardstock that lives up to the quality of your design. The quality of your brochure printing will clearly convey the standards of your company. If you want your prospects to perceive you as having impeccable standards in your business dealings, don’t hand them an inferior-quality brochure.

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Tip #3: Pick The Right Fold Style

There are many possible fold styles with which you can design your brochure, but you don’t want a fold that forces your content to be squished together, creates too many sections to fill, or doesn’t match your brand or message.

You can learn more about the various brochure fold styles to see which is best for your brochure. Keep in mind that each fold naturally creates a new section of the brochure. Try to pick a fold style that creates enough divided spaces to communicate and feature what you need to in a clearly organized way without wasting space or making the design feel cluttered. 

Most brochure designs incorporate a 2-fold, 3-fold, or 4-fold style.

Call to Action

Tip #4: Plan the Placement of Your Call to Action (and have one)

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to forget to include a clear call to action in your brochure design. You may already have your call to action in mind, but is it going to be obvious within the design as a whole? Is it positioned on the brochure in the place (or places) where readers are most likely to see it and take action?

This isn’t always buying a product – sometimes it’s something as simple as visiting a website or calling a number for a free quote. You want to be direct and straightforward here, succinctly telling viewers why you want them to take this action, how it can benefit them, and how to do it quickly and easily. 

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Reflect Your Brand

Before you start printing and distributing brochures, hopefully you have a well established brand. Your brand includes your messaging and products as well as your visual style. 

Tip #5: Stay Consistent With Your Brand

Although a new brochure might be about a specific product, promotion, or informational campaign, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As an extension of your core brand, your brochures should reflect the same style, voice and look that can be found in other places like your website, packaging, etc.

The worst thing you can do is confuse your audience by presenting them with a design that doesn’t seem to match your brand, unless the purpose of your brochure is to help with a re-brand intentionally. If that’s the case, then that purpose should be clearly communicated.

Professional Brochures from Sun Print Solutions

There are lots of other things that go into designing the perfect brochure, but these are five tips that will help you start on a good foundation. Our team of pros as Sun Print Solution are ready to answer questions and help you fine-tune your design, then get them printed! 

To get a quote for your next brochure product or to learn more about brochure design, check out our brochure printing service page.

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