3 Fresh Ideas for Making an Impact with Direct Mailing

Even though direct mailing is back on top as an effective marketing strategy, you still can’t slack on your mailer design. Impact with Direct Mailing Sure, recipients will read and respond to EDDM postcard and other pieces of flat collateral that you send them in the mail. But, if you are willing to add a little pizazz to your marketing strategy, consider these flashier options:

No. 1: Pop-Ups for B2B Direct Mailing

High-action pop-ups are surprising and whimsical, and they will definitely make an impression on your prospects. High-action pop-up mailers are a type of dimensional mail that arrives flat but, when the recipient opens the envelope (or folder or… ?), it literally pops up and takes on a three-dimensional shape. If the element of surprise isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can also choose a more classic pop-up design that recipients have to open themselves, much like the pop-up books we enjoyed as kids. You can send pop-up mailers to anyone, whether you market to consumers or other businesses. But, because this type of direct mailing design can cost a little more, we think it’s ideal for grabbing the attention of those big business clients you’re courting.

No. 2: Interactive Direct Mailing

You can get super creative with interactive mailers, because you can choose from hundreds of designs. Using cardboard engineering, an offset printer can create a variety of three-dimensional designs for direct mailing, including extender cards, zip-zag cards, dissolvers, flickbooks and more. One of our favorites is the fortune teller (or “cootie catcher”) design that we used to fold up as kids. Your recipients can’t help but have fun with these, especially when you design them to promote your best business assets and offerings. Even better, these items have a long desk life. In other words, your recipients will keep them around (usually on their desks) because they’re novel and fun. This means they will think of you each time they look at it, and when it’s time to call you, your contact information will literally be right in front of them.

No. 3: Virtual Reality Viewer for Direct Mailing

We’ve saved the best of our fresh ideas for direct mailing for last: carboard pop-up virtual reality viewers (goggles). Your prospect opens the packaging to find a pop-up VR viewer. They scan a QR code with their phone, pop their phone into the viewer and – in seconds – they are fully immersed in your virtual reality message, whatever it may be. Cardboard virtual reality viewers pop up and assemble in seconds, but the intrigue will last and last. This is the most exciting – and effective – way we’ve ever seen to put your prospects into your brand. They can immediately become immersed in what you do, in a way that not even a live sales pitch can rival. The uses for this direct mailing concept are virtually limitless. Realtors or custom home builders could use it to take targeted prospects on an immersive tour of a high-end real estate listing. Luxury car dealerships could take their potential buyers for a high-speed spin on the Autobahn. A clothing boutique could take their prospects straight to the runways in Milan or Paris for fashion week. These direct mailing concepts may cost a little more than a postcard but you’ll have a much higher ROI to offset the difference. They have a very high open rate – almost 100 percent in many cases – and an equally impressive response rate. They create both an instant and an enduring impression that is difficult to achieve with other types of advertising or marketing. Sun Print Solutions, based in Utah, provides offset and digital printing services to companies across the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about how packaging printing and interactive direct mailing can help you increase the bottom line.

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