2022: A Campaign Year

This year is an important election year in the US. Campaigns, both local and national, will want to fill voters’ minds with their messages. Of course, there are the ubiquitous televised ad campaigns and the emerging force of social platforms. However, when visions of campaigns come to mind—what comes to mind?  

Huge posters, banners across large stages, bumper stickers buttons, flyers and pollical postcards in your mailbox.  

Print is the constant presence in campaigns. It’s a tangible, physical and enduring–think Barack Obama’s famous ‘Hope’ poster. With print you create something tangible, something physical– something your supporters can hold over their heads, pin onto their jackets, put on their car or in their yard.  

Digital campaigns are important, but every avenue must be addressed to increase your candidate’s visibility, cut through the digital noise, and get their message across to voters. Ways to reach out to constituents include:

  • Yard signs
  • Campaign banners and oversized signs
  • Bumper stickers
  • Campaign buttons
  • Door hangers
  • Die cut stickers
  • Magnets

Complement your digital strategy with print: Use direct mail for political fundraising. For example, reinforce social media and phone banking with oversize postcards—a very cost-effective strategy that puts your message directly into the hands voters. At Sun Print, we can personalize each individual mailing with voting information—and even a visual like a map to help your constituents get to the voting poll easily. All you need to do is choose the demographic. 

Posters, campaign flyers and push cards can be printed in quantities for supporters to pass out at campaign events.  

Hosting a fundraising event? You will need campaign programs, table tents, printed invitations and handouts at the ready. Banners of any size can be printed for the event– retractable upright banners, banners across stages and outdoor signs, flags and sandwich boards.  

Political campaign printing gives you a variety of options to get the word out. Using a full-service printing company that can take care of your needs in-house, eliminates the need for multiple points of contact. It’s a bonus if they can mail your pieces for you as well!  

Let the experts at Sun Print Solutions lend a hand. We specialize in political mailings and voter outreach. We are party-agnostic and we’ve helped countless campaigns–over the last 80 years we’ve seen our share of elections. Our history has enabled us to be the leaders of innovation and change in the print industry. We are a union shop with offices in Utah. Our team works 24/7 – so don’t be shy, call us anytime.  

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