Utilizing Flat Unfinished Paper for Digital Printing Jobs

At Sun Print Solutions, one of the areas of our digital printing services that we’re most proud of is their versatility. We’ll help you print everything from a single copy up to thousands for your job, and we print on not only any form of paper, but also on surfaces like glass, stone, fabric and many others.

One option that some of our clients choose in this realm: Printing a job on flat, unfinished paper sheets. As their name suggests, these sheets are materials we’ve done no additional work on, from clipping to folding or anything of the sort. They simply come to you in their rawest form, allowing you several options moving forward and bringing you a few specific benefits. Let’s go over these benefits and give some examples of how this printing format is often utilized.

flat unfinished paper digital printing

Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of using unfinished paper sheets for your printing job is the cost savings. There are no additional charges whatsoever beyond the cost of paper, ink and labor, meaning you don’t pay for cutting, folding, sizing or any related areas.

For many small businesses looking to print marketing and other important materials, these savings can make a huge difference. They allow you to perform parts of the job yourself, plus add your own unique touch in certain areas.

Quick Turnaround

Another big plus of using unfinished paper sheets: The job can be done very quickly, often by the next day if you really need it. They require no additional work or touch-ups, after all, making them some of the simplest jobs that come across our desk.

Versatile Uses

While our printing services themselves are incredibly versatile and can offer you a wide range of mediums or designs, there are several areas of unique personalization you might prefer this unfinished version for. If you’re a small business that regularly ships product to customers, for instance, you might enjoy using these unfinished sheets for packaging or boxes – all you have to do is print trim marks or fold lines onto the sheets themselves, then cut and attach them yourself when the sheets arrive. Many other similar themes are possible within this realm.

Customized Feel

Think about a personal occasion like a wedding, graduation or anniversary party where you might be looking to create guest cards or some other little token of appreciation. In these kinds of circumstances, many people appreciate the handcrafted, personalized feel of unfinished sheets that have been folded by hand. The little details can make all the difference on many of these kinds of occasions.

For more on how some printing clients utilize flat unfinished paper sheets for their jobs, or to learn about any of our direct mail or offset printing services, speak to the pros at Sun Print Solutions today.

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