USPS Promotes Digital Printing for Direct Mail

The US Postal Service loves digital printing for direct mail.

This should come as no surprise because, when you print anything for mailing, it’s more business for the Post Office. To encourage customers and help improve their marketing ROI, USPS promotes the use of high-tech digital printing in fun and creative ways.

Direct Mail Printing USPS

These are some of the concepts that USPS has generated to introduce new technology for personalized digital mail printing.

Personalized Color Digital Printing for Direct Mail

Today’s advanced print technologies let you design unique, creative marketing materials that generate excitement for your customer, giving them experiences they could not have in the past.

When marketing messages use color, dynamic variable print and personalization, they get noticed by more prospects. So why wouldn’t the same concepts apply to other parts of your business?

Consider using color messaging and personalization in bills and statements and other business mailers?  It will enhance the value of your mailer and foster a better connection with your customers.

Mobile Shopping with Direct Mail Digital Printing

USPS suggests that you send mailings that allow your prospects to start shopping directly from your mailer.

When you create a connection between the mailer and the digital shopping experience, you enable your customers to transition easily from the mailer to a mobile-optimized online shopping platform.

You can accomplish this using Quick Response (QR) Codes, Snap Tags, Watermarks, and other advanced technologies designed directly into your mailer.

Engage the Senses of Your Direct Mail Audience

Technological advances in the print industry allow you to enhance and encourage sensory engagement with mailers.

New developments in papers, cardstocks, substrates, finishing techniques and inks can be used to engage your recipients in a multi-sensory experience through the use of special visual effects, sound, scent, texture/tactile treatments and even taste.

You can also integrate direct, personalized mailings with advances in mobile technology. Exciting developments include NFC technology, Video in Print (ViP), Beacon technology, Enhanced Augmented Reality (EAR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The digital to direct mail experience allow your audience to enjoy innovative digital experiences triggered directly from your mailer. These immersive experiences and dynamically printed, personalized messaging help elicit a higher response from your audience.

At Sun Print Solutions, we know that not every company can use the advanced technology that USPS promotes. However, personalized direct mail has something to offer everyone, even without all the bells and whistles.

We are Utah’s locally owned and operated printing company, providing exceptional service for almost 80 years. Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your marketing ROI with digital printing for direct mail.

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