Crafting High-Quality Direct Mail Flyers

The world of direct mail may seem limited at first glance, but it’s anything but in reality. While you may only think specifically of envelopes when you hear that term, direct mail can actually include everything from traditional pieces to brochures, newsletters, postcards, rack cards, calendars and much more.

At Sun Print Solutions, we’re proud to assist you with printing for any of these mediums as part of our direct mail and digital printing services. One direct mail piece that’s been very popular for many years and continues to do really well for many mediums? Flyers, which are both cost-effective and versatile. We’ve been helping clients design flyers for years – here are some basic themes we can offer you for making your stand out and attract eyes.

crafting direct mail flyers

Eye-Catching Factors

People see a lot of advertising and marketing in their daily lives, and the name of the game is creating something that will grab their attention. There are a number of different ways to do this, whether it’s shooting for bold color combinations people aren’t used to or using text in creative ways.

If possible, combine these in ways that show off your brand. Show an image that relates to your products or services, for instance, then contrast it with some strong colors that will cause people to associate these two areas together in the future.

Get to the Point

Advertising is all about telling potential clients what you can do for them, and you want to do this as succinctly and quickly as possible. Remember that you have to do more than just remind clients why they need you – you have to remind them why they need you and why you can provide your products or services better than your competition can.

It’s just as vital, though, to hold their attention. A flyer is not the right place to dig into a detailed explanation of anything, but rather to hit broad points and leave the viewer wanting more – plus ways they can learn more and potentially become a client.

Calls to Action

All fliers, like other branding materials, should contain strong calls to action. These are areas where you let the reader know what they have to do to learn more – contact info, addresses, websites and other information are vital here. Make sure the call to action is clear and not confusing in any way.

Branding Opportunities

Every inch of a given flyer is a branding opportunity, and you should treat it as such. Even if this means a small logo in each corner or a splash of your branding colors on a blank space, you’re increasing the recognition customers may have for your brand and services.

For more tips on crafting perfect flyers, or to learn about any of our digital printing or direct mail services, contact the staff at Sun Print Solutions today.

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