Sun Print Solutions
A Union Printing Company

Sheng 1041   Gutenberg 1450   Sun Print Solutions 1941

Bi Sheng invented the first known printing press in 1041. Johannes Gutenberg introduced the mechanical press to Europe in 1450. Things have gotten a little more complicated from there. But one thing remains the same: the design and quality of your printed pieces matter.

Over seventy years ago, Sun Print Solutions opened its doors and became a pioneer in a new technique called photo offset printing. We have been pioneering frontiers of quality and customer service in the offset printing industry ever since.

Our team of experts are committed to their trade and your projects. And you can see the difference.


Our clients are always número uno in everything we do. We’re committed to giving you a five-star experience five out of five times.


You don’t want your printer to do a so-so job. And that’s good, because we never do things halfway. Expect only the best quality in your print, fulfillment and packaging projects—then prepare to bowl buyers over.


Our companies have spent years establishing a tip-of-the-hat-worthy reputation. We have the know-how, rap sheet and muscle to exceed your expectations.