Direct Mail where snail mail becomes escargot

Direct mail printing provides a dynamic solution to one of a business’s biggest challenges — getting a professional-looking mass mailer out in less time with less hassle and expense.

At Sun Print Solutions, our direct printing and mailing services save our customers time and money while improving their return on investment.

What Is Direct Mail Printing?

This innovative service produces digitally printed materials and mails them directly to the recipients you specify.

Some of the most common direct mail jobs are postcards, greeting cards, tri-fold brochures, rack cards, catalogs, brochures, flyers, envelopes, newsletters and calendars. But you don’t have to limit yourself to these stand-bys. If it can be digitally printed, it can be personalized and directly mailed.

The level of personalization is virtually limitless as well. We simply upload the data to our digital printing press and — voila! — your job is printed and ready to go.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Printing

If you believe that print and direct mail marketing are dead, you’ll be delightfully surprised by how effective direct printing and mailing still is.

Because each piece is personalized for the recipient — in whatever way you’d like it to be — your prospects are engaged in an interactive experience that rivals the online environment.

Even more important, your prospects have become “digitally numb.” In other words, they have been so bombarded with spam and banner ads and pop-ups that they have tuned out digital advertising in most cases.

What they’re excited about is the sharp, slick and colorful mailer that shows up in the mailbox, customized just for them. Admit it, you’re pretty excited about too. And that’s why it works.

How Can Direct Mail Printing Help You?

Any type of promotional material or marketing artifact you can envision can be used for direct printing and mailing. Our graphic designers can help you create the perfect campaign to meet your goals.

Next, you simply select your target recipients. You can target your prospects by almost any demographic you like, including age, income level, interests and more. If we can source a list that targets it, we can print and mail your materials. Each one will be customized for its recipient, with postage already in place.

Here at Sun Print Solutions, we are USPS IMB Full Service Certified. This means we have the resources necessary to handle every aspect of your digital printing and mailing project and — even better — that we will save you money in the process. It also means improved delivery accuracy, lower costs and the ability to track your mailings.

Based in Utah, Sun Print Solutions provides offset and digital printing, packaging, kitting and fulfillment to customers throughout the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about how you can build your business and engage your customers with direct mail printing.


Zip code+4, tab application and list maintenance mean better delivery rates at lower costs. Use our postal permit when we handle your mailing for yet another way to save.


We know the ins and outs of the most current USPS regulations and restrictions. Sun Print Solutions delivers your brand message into the right mailboxes with geo-coding, mapping, pre-sorting and list rental services.


Folding, inserting, addressing, merging—we have the tools to do it all. No matter how unusual or customized your job is, we’ll make sure it is signed, sealed and delivered.