Business Card & Letterhead Printing on a Budget

Do you believe that printing on a budget means sacrificing quality, customer service and that personal touch you love?

Most businesses today are working within tight budget constraints, and cutting expenses wherever they can. For some, that means ordering letterhead and business cards online from an overseas bargain printing company.

Business Card & Letterhead Printing on a Budget

Savvy business owners and managers know they have another option – one that doesn’t involve sacrificing quality and service for affordability.

Saving Money on Business Card & Letterhead Design

If you don’t already have artwork for your letterhead, envelopes or business cards, you may think you need to hire a graphic artist or design them yourself – neither of which are good options for many businesses.

The third option, doing a DIY design on a mail order printer’s website, leaves much to be desired. These interfaces only offer limited options with little chance for customization. You may end up with designs that don’t look professional, or that don’t represent your brand appropriately.

When you work with a local printing company, you may find that they have graphic artists on staff that can help you with this challenge as a part of the printing cost.

Choose the Right Business Printing Options to Save Money

Choosing the right type of printing process is another great way to save money on your letterhead and business cards.

If you choose offset printing (rather than digital printing), you can save a lot of money. The only catch is that you need to order a slightly larger quantity, if you want to save big money.

Offset printing offers a much lower per-piece cost when doing a large print run. Consequently, two years’ worth of letterhead and envelopes might cost you about the same as six months’ worth if you opt for digital printing.

You can also choose budget-minded paper- and cardstock. Most people honestly can’t tell the difference – and aren’t likely to care – between expensive paper and a more affordable option.

Let Your Printing Company Help Keep You on Budget

Working with an experienced professional at your local printing company is one of the best ways to save money on your letterhead and business cards.

Your local printing company will take the time to answer all your questions and help you find ways to stretch your printing budget. You’ll also enjoy a high level of quality, along with exceptional customer service.

You won’t enjoy any of these benefits when you order from a nameless, faceless overseas printer. And you will have the satisfaction of supporting a local business and keeping your dollars within your community.

In Utah, Sun Print Solutions offers all of these benefits to our customers. We can assist you with design and help you choose the best printing options to save you money. We have been providing professional printing services to our Utah customers for more than 70 years. Contact us today for help with all your business cards and letterhead printing needs.

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