5 Direct Mail Tips for Sales & Promotions

Direct mail is a powerful and cost-effective way to get your message out to prospects and customers. Whether you want to increase sales, grow your business or bring attention to a special sale or promotion, direct mail printing can get the job done for you.

5 Direct Mail Tips for Sales & Promotions

The benefits of using a local printing company to handle your direct mail campaign add even more value to the equation. Your printer will handle the digital printing of your mailer, and for the ultimate time and cost savings, they will handle the mailing task as well. This frees you up to focus on getting ready for the big sale or promotional event.

Follow our tips to carefully plan and execute your campaign, or you may not get the results you seek.

No. 1: Refine Your Direct Mail List

If you identify the right recipients for your mailer, you’ll get a much more enthusiastic response.

Whether you’re sending a mailer to your past customers or targeting a new group of prospects, make sure you’re using a mailing list that’s been updated and verified. Ensure your list is aimed specifically at your identified prospect profile.

This is one area where you will get what you pay for. Beware of bargain mailing lists. You’ll get too many mailers back as undeliverable, and the recipient — unless what you’re offering addresses a need they have — will be more likely to toss your mailer without reading it.

No. 2: Catch — and Hold — Recipients’ Attention with Personalized Direct Mail

The beauty of today’s digital printing technology is that you can truly personalize each mailer with details designed to catch the recipient’s attention.

Leverage this capacity by including a personal note to each recipient or a marketing message designed to appeal to their individual needs. Be sure you learn everything you can about your prospects, so you can leverage their needs in your mailer’s message.

No. 3: Use Direct Mail to Give Your Recipients an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Launch a direct mail campaign only if you are going to offer recipients something really exciting to capture their attention.

Sure, letting prospects know you’re having a sale or special promotion is important, but what’s the point if they don’t take advantage of what you have to offer? Get their attention — and their participation — by offering something truly valuable. This will help motivate them and guide them down the path to purchase.

No. 4: Combine Creativity with Good Design for Direct Mail Campaigns

Nothing will get your mailer thrown away more quickly than a boring design that lacks a professional look and feel.

Your prospects will form an initial impression about your company and your wares within a second or two of glancing at your mailer. What would you like that impression to be?

If your mailer is full of spelling errors or looks like your 5-year-old did the layout, it’s likely to get tossed in the trash. If you aren’t sure what good design looks like, talk to your printing company for advice and guidance.

No. 5: Let a Trusted Local Printing Company Handle Your Direct Mail Job

Before you try a cut-rate approach of using an overseas printing company or trying to do the mailing yourself, talk to your local printing company.

Sun Print Solutions provides exceptional quality and customer service for clients in Utah and throughout the United States. Our offset and digital printing services provide the best results for budget-conscious customers. Contact us today to learn more about our digital printing and direct mail services and how they can benefit your next sale or promotion.

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