3 Postcard Printing & Mailing Ideas to Improve Your ROI

Have you tried postcard printing and mailing as a tool in your marketing arsenal?

3 Postcard Printing & Mailing Ideas to Improve Your ROI

Postcards and other forms of direct mail marketing are a highly effective means of reaching both target prospects and your existing client base. And when you use our insider tips and tricks, you can get even more traction. This helps maximize your marketing dollars and improve your return on investment (ROI).

No. 1: Choose Color Postcard Printing for Impact

The power of color printing for marketing materials is well-documented. Although the psychology of color is a complex topic, we know today that full-color postcards will garner a significantly better response than black-and-white ones.

Fortunately, today’s advanced digital printing technology makes it only slightly more expensive to produce color postcards than the monochromatic alternative.

Color adds emphasis and interest, especially when you choose the right types of imagery, fonts and other graphic design elements. Ensure, however, that your images feature high resolution. Otherwise, your color postcards could present a less professional image than you want for your business.

No. 2: Use a Postcard Printing & Direct Mailing Service

If you design and order your postcards with the intent of addressing and mailing them yourself, you will waste dozens (or hundreds) of work hours attaching labels and postage.

When you use a printing company that offers direct mailing service, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your printing costs will include the price of postage and the mailing will go out directly from the printer to your recipients — you’ll never have to spend a minute of your company’s valuable time.

You may also benefit from bulk rate postage, saving you even more money.

No. 3: Use Interactive Postcard Printing to Increase Response Rate

As effective as direct mail is for reaching your prospects, personalized postcards are even more impactful. Using technology known as variable data messaging (VDM), you can quickly and easily personalize your postcards for each recipient.

Leveraging the power of digital technology, your printing company can input an electronic mailing list along with your postcard artwork. When the print job launches, each subsequent postcard is customized with the name, address and any desired personal message for each name on the list.

You have significant flexibility in how you can use this approach to personalization to better leverage a direct message that speaks to each recipient. For example, if you’re sending a mailer to existing customers, you can take the time to thank them for their purchase last year or suggest another product that might appeal to them, depending on their history with your business.

Sun Print Solutions offers our customers full-service digital color printing and direct mailing. Our experienced team can assist you in designing the perfect promotional materials for your prospects and customers. Once the design is complete, we’ll take it from there and handle the direct mailing on your behalf. We have many more insider tips and tricks to help you make the most of your marketing budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how digital postcard printing can help you increase sales and improve your marketing ROI.

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